Which Is Good For Us? Headband Wig or V Part Wig

Hairstyles have been a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Wigs are a great choice if you want to protect your real hair from damage caused by heat or bleaching and dyeing.

There are all kinds of hair wigs in the hair wig market, such as v part wig and headband wig. Some girls may be confused about which is better. What we want to talk about today is the similarities and differences between the V part wig and the headband wig.

What is a Headband Wig?

The headband wigs, as the name implies, is a wig with a hairband attached. And the hair is sewn on a soft wig cap. All hair can only go to the back of your head, which means that the part near the front head is covered with the headband, not the wig hair. But the headband is made of soft material to ensure comfort.

Benefits of Headband Wig

After learning about the benefits of V-part wig, we will explain the main benefits of headband wig in the following section.

1. Easy to wear:

This is a wig without lace so you don’t need to cut extra lace or use any glue to fix the wig. You need to apply it straight and adjust it in the right direction. This process will take less time than lace wig.

2. More affordable:

A headband wig can be obtained at a lower cost than a lace front wig. If you only have a limited budget, headband wigs are a better choice.

3. Suitable for almost all head sizes:

All headbands are made of elastic fabric so they will fit almost any head size. Also, the headband is soft enough that you will feel comfortable with it.

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What is a V Part Wig?

V part wig refers to a V-shaped wig. There is a V-shaped hole at the top of the wig, which is left for your natural hair. You can choose to leave your hair or not. In fact, V Part Wag upgrade is a newer version of U Part Wig, it can give you more convenience.

Benefits of V Part Wig

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of part-wigs so we can get to know them more comprehensively.

1. Easy to install and remove:

There is a V-shaped hole at the top of the head. When you need to wear a wig, you have to open it with your hands, put it on and fix it with a comb inside the hat. It will only take you a few minutes. Before going to bed, it’s easy to take it down. And it’s extremely useful for beginners.

2. No glue and no lace:

The wig cap is made by machines and has no lace. The hat is made of breathable material so that it still feels comfortable. And you don’t have to spend time cutting the lace and using glue to cover it. No glue for the whole process.

3. Prevention of allergies:

Since glue is useless for V-part wigs, don’t worry about skin allergies to glue, which is definitely good news for girls with sensitive skin.

4. With or without leave:

The opening of the wig is left for your natural hair. But in fact, it’s up to you. If you prefer to leave some of your hair behind to help make the wig look more natural, you can choose to do so. However, if you can’t handle the loose hair well or it looks natural without loosening, you can choose to apply it directly.

The difference between a V part wig and a Headband wig

1. Various constructions:

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The front of the headband wig is made of elastic fabric.

2. Different prices:

Although both are cheaper than lace wigs, compare V-part wigs to headband wigs of the same material, density and length, you will have to pay a little more for V-part wigs.

3. Different ways to install:

After braiding your hair, you need to put a clip and adjust straps on the wig in the space of the braided hair to apply the V part wig. If you want to create some loose hair, combine them with a V-shaped opening.

For a headband wig, the first step is to braid your hair. Then apply a wig cap to your head with a hair bundle, and finally cover the front end of the hair cap with a headband.

Similarities between V part wig and Headband wig.

1. Less price than lace wig

2. Easy to wear. It will take you very little time to put them on and off.

3. No lace and no glue. They have simple steps and can prevent glue allergies.

4. Versatile. A variety of hairstyles can be made with them.

Which is good, V part wig or Headband wig?

In fact, as you can see, they both have their advantages. You can choose which one to buy according to your preference. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your wig.

1. If your hair is thin then headband wig is more suitable for you. Because thick hair is needed to hold the V-part wig. You need to comb your hair to prevent it from falling out.

2. V part wig is more affordable if your budget is limited.

3. If you like the style of wearing headband wig then V part wig is better for you.

Today we introduced the features in detail and compared the similarities and differences between V Part Wig and Headband Wig. If you are thinking of buying a wig that is easy and affordable, we have a variety of V-part wigs and headband wigs for you to choose from. Hurela Hair is always here for you.

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