Winter Wedding Tips – How To Plan A Winter Wedding This Year?

Winter is a romantically magical time of the year to tie the knot. Read about best Winter Wedding Tips everyone should consider.


In this freezing weather, how to plan a winter wedding this year? Do you ever think about saving ‘YES’ during snowfall?

Winter is a romantically magical time of the year to tie the knot. It offers everything from crisp weather to fantabulous color schemes. You can be a part of the festive entertainment and take a step forward in life. Embrace the season and live your winter wedlock.

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Throwing a winter wedding is getting trendy, like summer merriments. It may bring you darker nights with sparkles brighter than the regular ones. The icing on the roads makes the atmosphere merrier and bursting with love. Also, it is the time when wedding dates are unpopular and less expensive.

Nevertheless, winter weddings are different than regular summer marriages. To arrange a stress-free and smooth-running big day of your life, follow the best winter wedding tips.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding?

A winter wedding is full of benefits you cannot enjoy in summer wedlock. If one asks how to plan a winter wedding, let them know of the advantages. Now, wait to see how they make it possible. 

The three most important things in a winter wedding include venue and wedding dress. Read further to find out the winter wedding tips for both of these.

Winter Wedding – The Venue

The venue plays a significant role in shaping your wedding celebration. Hence, it would help if you were assured that the winter wedding venue is truly fit for the seasonal festivity.

Visit Your Venue after Sunset

Most of the venue displays happen during the daytime. However, at a winter wedding, the central part of your reception occurs after sunset. Therefore, arrange a visit to your venue once the sun is gone. It will help you what kind of lights your platform is offering at night.

The spot where you are planning your big day must be cozy and inviting. Also, call your photographer to discuss what kind of shots can be possible at night.

Hunt for Winter Wedding Deals

Most often, the best time to plan a winter wedding is between January and February. It is an off-peak season and will be less expensive than summer dates. Therefore, please make the most of it and hunt for the best discount codes from caterers and suppliers.

You may be able to negotiate for your booking. In winters, the season is not busy, and it is easy to get the prices you want for accommodation, cuisine, and other accessories. Keep in mind; your dates must not clash with Christmas and New Year bookings.

Keep a Bad Weather Alternative

Ask your wedding planner and venue what they will do in case of bad weather. If suddenly, a lousy snowfall occurs, what is the next step? Imagine if one of your suppliers is unable to reach the venue. 

Make sure you know where your guests will park in this case. Also, keep in mind to find an alternative place where your photographer may take pictures. 

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Winter Wedding – The Dress Up

The winter wedding look is different from all other wedlock appearances. Every couple plans to style in an iconic way. Therefore, focus on every minor detail when you select to dress up.

Take help from Pretty Lavish discount codes as it will help you find the best winter wedding dresses. 

Layer Up To Keep Warm

Accessories and layers will keep bridesmaids and brides warm. Experts suggest some of the following ideas for grooms.

  • Capes
  • Faux fur stoles
  • Fashionable shrugs
  • Bright tuxedo-style jackets
  • Trendy leather jackets
  • Designer denim jackets

Whereas brides can slip in these,

  • Pashmina
  • Bolero
  • Capelet

Secure Your Shoes

If you are wearing leather and suede shoes, make sure you spray a shoe protector. For enjoying your outdoor photoshoot, do keep heel protectors to prevent sinking in the ice. Also, you can keep an extra pair of wedges or hide your wellies under the bridal dress.

Picky Textures for Grooms

Winter encourages grooms and groomsmen to slip in velvet, tartan, and tweed. Fashion experts analyze dark shades for crisp climates and support patterns for a rustic video. You can get creative and select icy blue, indigo, emerald green, and pale grey for more.

Sequins for Bridesmaids

Winter weddings look incredible with beaded and sequins bridesmaid dresses. These sparkle magically under the lights and look iconic in pictures. For the bride, beads on the hair and the bridal outfit can add glitz and glam.

How to Plan a Winter Wedding – Final Words

A winter wonderland wedding can be magical and romantic. There may be a few issues before you start planning for this event. However, you can focus on the winter wedding tips discussed earlier and plan an amazing event.

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If you know how to plan a winter wedding now, then make sure to share the pictures with us. Also, discuss your experience in the comments below. HAPPY WINTER WEDDING IN ADVANCE!

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