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Work Tableswith Undershelf

Enterprises whose activities are related to food can’t do without special professional tables. Production tables are made of stainless steel, which is quite stable and easy to care for and disinfect. A work tables with undershelf can be made according to standard dimensions, which are indicated in the specifications, or individually according to the overall dimensions of the customer. 

Stainless steel work tables with undershelf will not only last a long time, but also retain their attractive appearance, making your kitchen stand out and look more professional. Steel does not require special care, is more resistant to scratches and high temperatures. The main advantage of this equipment is also not susceptibility to aggressive detergents. Quite often, alkaline or acidic detergents are used for thorough cleaning or disinfection. Work tables with undershelf is worth buying for the following tasks:

  • initial processing of vegetables and fruits;
  • deboning of meat and fish carcasses;
  • weighing products;
  • cutting and preparation of blanks and semi-finished products;
  • rolling and preparation for further heat treatment of bakery products;
  • portioning and preparation of ready meals;
  • collection of food waste;
  • storage of dirty dishes if the equipment is installed near the washing surface. 

The design of this stainless steel work tables with undershelf is quite simple. It is a prefabricated or welded frame on which a cutting surface is installed. Very popular is the model of the production table with a board, which does not allow the liquid to spread, and the products do not fall on the floor. 

Benefits of buying a work tables with undershelf

The advantages of stainless steel work tables with two undershelf include:

  • Big choice. Dozens of different industrial furniture are available. It differs in design, size and other features.
  • Affordable prices. Inexpensive furniture from well-known domestic manufacturers.
  • Easy ordering. If you have questions you can get in touch with us and our specialist will provide you with the details. 

Stainless steel work tables with two undershelves are widely used in restaurants and canteens, becoming the main attribute in equipping the chef’s workplace. In addition to catering, these tables are in demand in butcher shops when deboning meat or in the fish departments of stores. Not infrequently, a stainless steel production table can be found at enterprises for the production of confectionery products for rolling out dough. At enterprises for the preparation of semi-finished products.

Stainless steel, which is used for the manufacture of industrial tables for the catering department, contains about 20% chromium and 10% nickel. Thanks to this, the material becomes resistant to chemicals, perfectly tolerates washing, disinfection and cleaning with various means. Such kitchen equipment is used to work with meat, fish, vegetables and other food products. Such restaurant equipment is durable, hygienic and resistant to mechanical stress. Materials are inert to thermal and chemical influences.

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