You’re in Atlanta and You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident. Do You Need a Lawyer?

Atlanta has become the ninth largest city in the United States. It has over 6 million people. There is so much traffic in Atlanta. Between 75 percent of the population driving to work every day and 20 percent of those people traveling 90 minutes or more to commute, there is no surprise that Atlanta has accidents. Atlanta is also a strategic place for business, shipping, and traveling truck drivers. Furthermore, bottlenecks like the Downtown Connector and Spaghetti Junction, people often have to wait on congested highways.

So, when you’re a motorcycle driver, you can try to get around traffic. It isn’t easy, though. The roads in Atlanta can be dangerous. When you have been in a motorcycle crash, you probably need an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer.

Were You Hit?

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there is a big difference between being hit and hitting someone else. Getting hit by a car on a motorcycle can be quite devastating. It may lead to different kinds of physical injuries and problems. Depending on the situation, if you weren’t at fault, you could build a very successful case against the other person. However, it’s vital to know exactly what you are doing on the road at the time and how the accident was beyond your control.

Were You Following Traffic Laws?

The traffic laws for motorcycles are different in each state and city. You should make sure to be following Atlanta traffic laws. When the accident occurred, were you within the law? Whether you were breaking the law or not, you will likely need a good lawyer. Are you being sued by the person or are you trying to get reimbursed for your troubles? Either way, you should know exactly if the law is on your side and use it to your advantage.

See a Doctor

Whether you have already begun working with a lawyer or not, the odds are if you have been in a motorcycle accident you should go see a doctor. These accidents are a lot more dangerous than cars. It’s easier to fall off the bike and hit the pavement. If you make an impact, one of the most important things is to see if you have a concussion. Then, you might want to get an MRI to see if your body has been impacted by the collision. When you start working with a lawyer, they will probably ask you to go to a doctor to get checked out when they’re building the case.  

Don’t Admit Fault

Even if you feel badly about the way the accident played out, you should never admit fault. It doesn’t matter how you feel. When you admit fault, you put yourself in a bad legal position. If an accident is the motorcyclist’s fault, the judge won’t look kindly upon you. You will be seen as negligent. If you are trying to get reimbursed for the accident, you don’t even want to express remorse. Your feelings are one thing, but the law is another.

Get a Lawyer

In just about every motorcycle accident situation, you will need a lawyer. It doesn’t matter whether you were in the right or wrong. When there is a motorcycle involved in the accident, the judge will look at the case differently. Either you will be attacked for negligence or you will be able to garner sympathy. Of course, you should find the right lawyer but it’s important to be ready and start building your case quickly. With the right evidence or lack thereof, a professional motorcycle accident lawyer will help you navigate it all.

Atlanta is a city with a lot of people, a lot of traffic, and a lot of commuting. There are cars, trucks, and motorcycles going in and out of the city every day. There are people passing through going somewhere in the South or to the Midwest. It is a centrally located city that has become one of the biggest in the country. With so many opportunities in Atlanta, the population continues to grow. It’s no surprise that the traffic and road accidents have increased. If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, you should be prepared with the assistance of a lawyer.  

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