3 Tips for getting ready for summer

The chilly days of winter are behind you, and as the pretty flowers are opening and the sun appears, it seems summer is almost here! Before you start stripping off and laying out in the garden in nothing but your birthday suit, there are a few essential tasks to do, to make summer perfect. By doing these few simple activities, you can relax, and enjoy the summer because you will be ready for any sudden barbeque, garden party, or last-minute hurrah that comes your way.

  1. Clean up the patio

The garden is probably looking like it has had better days by now. The grass is long, the patio has gone to that awful green mossy shade, and the furniture is all over the place. Well, it is time to get this outdoor area looking like the oasis that it deserves to be, so roll up your sleeves and get busy! Borrow a jet washer and wash down those patio slabs and that old shed until they look new again, polish up the furniture and mow that lawn. If you have time, potting up a summer flower display will provide an added dazzle to the garden.

  1. Swap out your wardrobe

It is a six-monthly event that reminds you of clothes that you forgot you owned. Pull out those storage boxes with your summer wardrobe in and put those winter clothes away, making room for a gorgeous pair of summer sandals. You can keep a few jumpers back and a warm pair of ugg boots for the odd cold summer evening that might arise, but otherwise, get the vacuum pack bags and send that wooly lot away until October at least!

  1. Load up the fridge

It is strange but true that the summer diet and the winter diet are just not the same. The winter is full of hearty stews, broths, and soups (possibly three words for really the same thing) whilst the summer is all about light foods. This is possibly due to the difference in energy needs from your food as the temperature outside rises. With the exception of the barbeque meats, the fridge should be stocked in the summer, with flavorsome fruits, salad vegetables, dips, and juices. Of course, the freezer should also be full of emergency ice cream cones, for those particularly warm days. This is not an exact science, but if you end up needing to throw a last-minute garden party, these foods will be expected to be available.


It is not a lot to consider, but the above checklist will make some difference to your overall summer happiness, and you ought to get them done now before the summer heat drains you of all your motivation to do anything too strenuous. By the end of the weekend, you can be fully ready for any summer eventuality to come. Once you have these bits sorted you can rest easy, just do not forget to have your sunhat, sunscreen and your newly purchased ice cream.

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