Everyday eco-friendly objects that you can buy 

It is easy to get into such a habit of buying the same objects and from the same brands in the regular shop that you do not consider looking outside the normal range to something alternative. Companies are working harder than ever before to design their products in a way that is less harmful to the planet, and more frequently, by using purely organic plant materials. There are now plenty of everyday products that you can swap out for more eco-friendly alternatives, and many of them are easily purchased online or in some cases in your normal supermarket.

  • Dental care

Basically, the entire everyday dental kit can now be swapped out for eco-friendly alternatives. Previous plastic toothbrushes that add to the plastic pollution issue can now be swapped to bamboo toothbrushes as an example. Traditional fluoride toothpaste also now has a few different environmentally friendly counterparts. Natural toothpastes opt for herbs and other natural ingredients in place of harmful chemicals.

  • Cleaning products

Producers of cleaning products used around the home have been making special efforts to make their stock safer for the planet and for the families that ultimately live around these creams, sprays, and gels. Many traditional cleaning items release harmful chemicals such as VOC (volatile organic compounds) and bleach which can lead to headaches, irritation or in worst case scenarios, illnesses like cancer. 

Now you have a better choice as you can purchase a dish wash soap made of almonds or an enzyme laundry detergent that is effective and made with plant powered ingredients like coconuts. Why would you not make the switch?

  • Decorating paint

Whilst not an everyday item, paint still needs to be used every now and then. Chemical paints traditionally used to decorate the walls of your home can be extremely toxic, which is why you are always encouraged to open all the windows up around the room. The chemicals present can cause dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. They also can linger within the home’s air circulation for a lengthy period, causing potential long term effects. There are now alternatives for this too though. Clay paints can now be bought from specialist paint traders, offering a completely nontoxic and natural paint alternative. The effect of these paints is still exceptionally good and depending on the brand you use, they can still be used for bathrooms and kitchens where more steam is present.

  • Bath products

Of course, soaps, shampoos and more luxurious items like body scrubs are all easily found as natural alternatives now. Several brands have become well known for providing these products, and more often they are now available in the supermarkets. Natural ingredients like coconut oil, lavender, rose and aloe vera are all consistently used in this market.

The truth is that there is now little excuse for not exploring an eco-friendly alternative to your normal purchase. There is a good chance that an option exists for you that is more sustainable and probably better for your own wellbeing as well. 

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