5 Best Funny Stress Balls You Must Own

One is bound to feel stressed given the various stressors he is exposed to. Instances like losing a loved one, facing a financial crisis, losing one’s job, managing work and family, etc leave you all depressed and all consumed. While stress is a natural response to life stressors, excessive stress or moderate stress for longer periods of time can turn chronic in nature which may result in serious consequences. 

There are a host of techniques that people use to overcome stress. And one of the commonly used techniques to do away with daily stress is using squishy stress balls. Stress balls are popular fidget toys that are used to relieve stress and anxiety, build muscle strength, deal with arthritis pain and carpal tunnel symptoms, improve focus, and enhance blood circulation. These are of different types which include gel stress balls, foam stress balls, stress balls made out of clay and slime. 

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The squeeze and release motion of the stress balls helps to relieve muscle tension and vent out energy that is the outcome of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. When under stress, our body releases these hormones in the bloodstream that result in energy production. Since this energy does not get a vent, one experiences stress and anxiety. 

Now, what if you get stress balls that make you laugh as you squeeze them to relieve stress? This article shares a list of some of the best funny stress balls that you must buy to enjoy your stress relieving ride.  

Best Funny Stress Balls That Will Make You Laugh And Help You Relieve Stress 

1. Mydio Stress Balls 

Mydio stress relieving balls are all you need to relieve stress and anxiety. These are a pack of 24 stress balls, each carrying a different expression that makes you laugh as you squeeze and smash them. 

These make for ideal desk accessory at home, office, or soft fidget toys for any party, gift, giveaway, or gay toys. Simply squeeze these colorful, funny-faced stress balls to relieve muscle tension, calm down, improve blood circulation, and enhance focus on the task at hand.  

2. WackyWhims Poop Stress Ball

This WackyWhims Poop stress ball is for those who find these poopy stuff funny. Much like the poop emoji that you send to your friends and family to have fun, this stress ball would make you laugh as you squeeze it to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Additionally, this stress ball is made out of foam that has a medium to firm intensity level. This makes it ideal to undertake exercises to build strength, firm grip, and deal with carpal tunnel symptoms. 

You can also make your children with ADHD and autism to improve their concentration levels as they fidget with these toys. 

3. HEY RUKUN Pop Stress Balls

As the name suggests, these are stress relieving balls that produce a popping sound. These HEY RUKUN stress balls have a  number of bubbles on their surface, pressing them towards the inside produces a popping sound. 

Also, these colorful stress balls are bouncy for they come back as you throw them against a wall or ground. These pop stress balls are what you need to relieve stress and anxiety, enhance logical thinking  and focus in children with autism and ADHD. 

4. YoYa Farm Bendeez Stress Balls

YoYa farm bendeez stress balls get to you the whole lot of farm animals in the form squishy stress balls. These animal-shaped sensory toys make you laugh and at the same time reduce stress and anxiety as you squeeze them. 

The barnyard animals in this pack of six squishy stress balls include a cow, bull, sheep, donkey, pig, and chick. These contain jelly beads in the core that help you provide relaxation and do away with stress and anxiety. These are also ideal to improve attention levels of children suffering from hyperactivity, autism, ADHD. 

Also, since they come in a beatiful, colorful packing, these act as a perfect gift to your colleague, friends, or loved ones. 

5. Penguin Stress Relief Balls

Here are stress balls that are cute, fun, and at the same time stress relieving. These penguin-shaped stress balls are all you need when you need to calm down and uplift your mood. 

This pack contains 3 penguin-shaped squishy stress balls that are ideal for relieving stress and anxiety. Further, they can also be used by therapists to teach motor skills and enhance attention levels of children who are hyperactive. These are also ideal for muscle stimulation, reducing hand and wrist pain, calming nerves and anxious brains. 

Are Stress Balls Good for Carpal Tunnel? 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the common nerve entrapment issues that make the sufferer experience tingling in hands and fingers. However, it may also lead to excessive pain impacting your body functioning. 

CTS is commonly caused due to persistent use of computers, tablets, mobile phones, and video gaming devices. If left untreated, CTS pain can extend to rams and even shoulders preventing your body from functioning normally. 

Stress balls are one of the common tools suggested by doctors to cure CTS pain. Various exercises undertaken on doctor’s recommendation using stress balls helps in relieving CTS pain. The typical question asked by people is how exercises undertaken using stress balls reduce CTS pain. 

One of the critical things that happens is that exercising using stress balls improves blood circulation. This results in removing toxins from your body which may be causing pain. Thus, their removal provides relief from the CTS pain. 

Secondly, regular exercise using stress balls helps to build muscle strength as using computers and other such devices can weaken your muscles which increase the chances of CTS.

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