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5 Bible Teachings That Will Help You Thrive at Work

Did you know many people struggle with motivation and productivity during their careers? Have you thought about God’s perspective on work? If you want some basic biblical principles of work, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over bible verses about hard work. You’ll also learn what Bible teachings say about work and how to improve your productivity.

Want to learn more about ways to boost your work production? Keep reading.

1. You Serve the Lord When You Work

Are you feeling stuck in a job? You might feel uninspired by your current occupation. But understand the perspective God has on your career.

Colossians 3:17 suggests that whatever work you do, you’ll serve the Lord. Focus on working hard and glorifying Him in what you do.

This will help you stay motivated to work hard at whatever your job is because it’s for the Lord. Instead of thinking you’re working a dead-end job, you’ll understand your work has importance.

Serving the people in your job or being kind to your team glorifies God.

2. Working Hard and Profit

Working hard will eventually result in a profit. Your hard work will bring about new opportunities, and you will also enjoy the rewards. If you only talk about the job or think about it, you will never enjoy the rewards.

Working hard and doing your best will serve you well. People around you will see your efforts, and you might get promoted. You’re also serving the Lord and glorifying Him when you work hard.

3. What Does Hard Work Look Like?

Diligent workers will enjoy the fruit of their labor. For example, 2 Timothy says that hardworking farmers will get to enjoy the fruit of their labor. If you work hard at your job, you may receive an excellent harvest.

If you are lazy, you won’t end up with much. In Proverbs 28, a hard worker will end up with plenty of food.

Understand the difference between overworking and working hard. You should know when to rest and when to work hard. Otherwise, you could end up burning out.

4. Avoid Being Lazy

The Bible has lots to say about being lazy. Proverbs 13:4 talks about how lazy people desire a lot but only receive a little. If you work hard, you may prosper.

In 2 Thessalonians 3:11-12, there’s a discussion about people who won’t work and bother others. People need to work and earn their keep. If you’re lazy, you’ll never reach your personal or work-related goals.

Focus on what God calls you to do in your life. You are to work and glorify Him and do everything cheerfully.

5. Keep Learning and Growing

There are many different Bible-based lessons that you can apply to your life. Keep reading God’s Word, learn how to manage your finances, and love others well.

You’ll also learn about the different struggles you face each day and the source behind them. The Bible says we don’t fight against flesh and blood but the principalities of darkness.

Remember These Work-Based Bible Teachings

We hope these Bible teachings on work were helpful. Even if you’re in a job you dislike, work hard and focus on what you can do instead of grumbling. Remain inspired and hopeful about the future.

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