5 Great Interior Design Ideas To Create Atmosphere At Home

Which place would you name as the nicest place in the house? The living room you probably say and you are not the only one who will say that. We spend most of our time in the living room. It is the place where we relax after work. Atmosphere is an important part of that, because the more atmosphere, the more you feel at home and can enjoy it. With a few simple ways you can easily add more atmosphere to your home.

The design of your interior depends on your taste and style. Everyone has their own style, including you. By keeping to that style when furnishing, you create a cohesive whole. By working with a theme in the house or per room, you have a guideline for yourself to stick to.

Some interior styles

  • Basic (Standard colors and patterns, calm design, things do not necessarily have to match well, different use of color)
  • Rural (Many use of wood and second-hand items)
  • Industrial (Sturdy, dark design, metal and wooden items, sturdy furniture)
  • Scandinavian (Light use of color with a lot of white, gray, a little black and use of white furniture, plants and wood)
  • Design/modern (Sleek design/furniture)
  • Minimalist (Many use of white and little furniture)
  • Classic (Quiet, light colors)
  • Bohemian (Hippie style, colorful, second hand stuff)

use of color

The use of color of a theme also determines the atmosphere. A cohesive whole through the use of two or three fixed colors creates much more atmosphere than when you use even more colors, because with that you only create more different places in your interior. Also make sure that you don’t use colors that don’t match well, because that means it quickly no longer looks like a whole.

Do something special with your wall

To give your interior even more atmosphere, you can turn one wall into a real eye-catcher by doing something special with it. For a very cool effect you could hang the entire wall full of photo frames of the same type or for a more playful effect with different sizes and frames.

You could also go for a large canvas multi-panel or go for several small canvas sizes. With your most beautiful photos on canvas on the wall, you can enjoy it for a long time! Personalized print on canvas provides a personal touch. It gives more atmosphere to the space and in the meantime you can reminisce and reminisce about all the good moments.

Use of wood

Even if you don’t have a country style, wood fits and can be used in any interior. How about a nice photo on wood for the wall? Due to the structure of the wood, the photo is very alive and it looks just a bit tougher on the wall.

Dress up your living room

Your interior is only really finished when you have decorated the space with accessories such as cushions , candle holders and coasters . It makes the space even more lively and that creates a lot more atmosphere. However, you don’t have to go to extremes. Less is more! You can create enough atmosphere in your home with just a few accessories.

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