Japan is famous for its eccentricity. No one traveling in Japan would be surprised to see people dressed in anime-cosplay style, original food, interior design, or customs that many Europeans don’t understand. Very popular in Japan are ビット コイン カジノ, which have appeared not long ago but have already won the hearts of many players. Thematic restaurants in Japan are also very popular and can be found all over the country.

The strangest restaurants in Japan – list

Japanese restaurants are a real treat for travelers to the Land of the Cherry Blossom. The main point of tourist entertainment is the original atmosphere that characterizes Japanese restaurants. It is characteristic of the restaurant industry in Japan to choose a theme that attracts the attention of tourists, such as Manga, sushi, horror, cats, and many others. In the following list, we present just a few selected original places on the Japanese map.

Macaques as waiters – Kayabukiya Tavern, Utsunomiya

In the Kayabukiya Tavern restaurant in the Japanese town of Utsunomiya, we can be served not by a human but a monkey waiter. Macaques dressed in their company uniforms – shorts, checked shirts, and ties – distribute orders to guests. They accept peanuts as tips and are extremely happy with their work.

A Transylvanian restaurant – Vampire Cafe, Tokyo

There are many eccentric dining spots in Japan’s capital city. One of them is the vampire restaurant Vampire Cafe. Fans of Count Dracula, gothic atmosphere or heavy music will find everything they are looking for in this place. Drinks and dishes from the menu are served in dishes shaped like skulls, coffins, and elements alluding to death. No one is surprised by blood shots served with syringes.

Cat cafe – Nyafe Melange, Tokyo

There are almost 40 so-called “cat cafes” in Tokyo alone. One of them is Nyafe Melange, where four-legged cats are permanent residents. 23 cats entertain café guests, soothe them, purr, and run between the tables.

Dining ninja-style – Ninja Akasaka, Tokyo

If you are a fan of the noiseless movements of Japanese ninja, this restaurant is the perfect place for you. The premises are dominated by black and the entrance itself is hidden. Inside the restaurant, there are narrow corridors and “hidden” seating areas for guests. The dishes are served in equally eccentric ways – in clouds of smoke or, for example, in flames.

Restaurant in the Clouds – Unkai Terrace, Hidaka

This restaurant in the skies, located near Tomamum Peak in the Hidaka Mountains, can provide you with incredible experiences and memories. Unkai means ‘sea of clouds’ in Japanese, and you can see this effect from the restaurant’s terrace, which can be reached by a specially prepared gondola.

Plan your trip to Japan

Restaurants in Japan can be found at almost every turn. It’s worth researching the attractions before you travel so that you’re sure not to miss out on anything. Numerous guidebooks, online blogs, or portals related to Japan and its culture can provide you with the tools you need to design the perfect holiday.

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