Simple ways of building habits

When the New Year comes we put up a new resolution to be fitter, eat healthy and stay active throughout the year. But the motivation that we need to be focused on those resolutions is short-lived and for most of us, it fades away till the next month. Getting into healthier habits, however, needs a longer time and it is quite hard to achieve. Building habits is a regular and continuous process. You need to exercise regularly to reap its benefits and get a fitter physique. It is not just a goal, rather a lifestyle that you need to maintain properly in order to reap its benefits. Therefore, instead of setting small goals, you need to instill healthy habits in your daily life so that you no longer have to put extra and conscious effort to stay healthy and active. 

In this article, we have listed some simple ways of building habits to get a healthier life:

Setting small goals adds to more:

As they say, every little drop makes a mighty ocean; every little step towards building healthy habits pays off in the long run. Remember growth is a continuous process. It not only requires more to add to the life but to cut off some unnecessary extras from your life. Time is a limited resource for us. So if we aim to achieve more at a time it can be overwhelming and in turn we may lose interest from it. Therefore, building habits slowly but steadily can sustain in the long run and enhance the quality of our life. 

Make a concrete plan for everything: 

To achieve better results break your routine into short and manageable steps. Planning is the key to bring sustainable changes in to your life. If you want to see your body and life transforming into a better one then you need to have a level of planning to achieve it. But most of us fail to do this planning at first, at least for the fitness regime. We need to find ways to incorporate minimum two or three healthy habits into our otherwise busy schedule. The key is to plan better to make it easier to maintain and follow. 

Make a fun routine:

Whatever plan you make it is always easier to follow it if only it has a fun side to it. If do not enjoy your routine then you will not follow it religiously. They say in order to gain something you must suffer. However, this is not the case always. For example you can take up some sort of sport that you enjoy most as a part of your exercise regime. Also, you can add fun activities with your family to stay active throughout the day. 

Similarly, in case of diet you don’t need to go for a bland diet and punish yourself. It increases the chances of binge and cheat.  Instead, try to have small yet healthy meals throughout the day. You can add fruits, nuts, seeds and various appetizing food items in your diet chart and make it fun and tasty. It reduces the tendency of feeling hungry and eating junk.  

Pamper and reward yourself sometimes:

Building new habits and leaving the old ones is not an easy task. If you are going off the grid to choose a healthy lifestyle then sometimes incentivizing is not a bad idea. It keeps you motivated. According to psychological studies it has been observed that importance of rewarding oneself can strengthen and provoke positive outcome. Therefore, getting into some indulgences once in a while is required to get positive progress in your healthy habits. It also, helps you to stick to the balanced diet or regular discipline. 

Learn to be patient: 

While starting on a fitness journey and building habits patience is the key. Do not wish to see instant results. this why most people give up their fitness journey and diet half way as they were expecting to see transformation in their body very quickly. This can be unhealthy and leave long-term bad impact on your body too. Remember developing fitness and agility to transform your body and mind takes time. So, learn to be patient. 

Wrapping up:

According to several studies, visualizing the goals while building habits can help you to keep motivated throughout the fitness journey. There may be various techniques and processes to visualize, but the general idea is simple that you need to visualize yourself leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Starting a journey is much easier than to sticking on it religiously. So, you must do whatever it takes to make you stick to a healthy lifestyle as this is only way that you can enhance the quality of your living and increase your longevity to spend time with your loved ones. 

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