5 Reasons CBD Oil May Not Be Working for You

CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, rich in various cannabidiol that is helpful to the body in many ways. Over the years, many people have used it to tackle multiple issues.

CBD can relieve pain, may induce sleep, can enhance muscle formation, and might relieve stress. It is a magic elixir that can upgrade one’s life and even make the immune system more robust and resilient.

However, as potent as CBD is, not everyone will experience a tangible result. With almost a thousand CBD brands in America alone, there is no way all of them will be authentic. As a result, you may have a high chance of buying and using a counterfeit product if you don’t do your assignment.

 Luckily, there are many things you can do and use to troubleshoot. This article will shed light on five possible reasons why you are not getting any positive results from the use of CBD:

You are using a Counterfeit Product

The effectiveness of a CBD product is a factor of quality. Besides, according to research, only a few of the CBD products available in the market have the required concentration of CBD.

In other words, what you are taking might not be enough to see any tangible result.

Sadly, the market is filled with hundreds of CBD brands, making choosing one a herculean task for users. Yet, one needs to select a CBD brand of admirable quality for optimum results.

One effective way to override this problem is to consider CBD products with the independent test result. An independent third-party lab has confirmed the constituents and authenticity of such products.

Also, you can check customer reviews to know what to expect from the products. Once the majority of the customers have a positive experience with the product, you are good to go. You can check Lazarus Naturals for authentic CBD products and find more information about them.

You Might need to give it more time.

There is so much hype around CBD products, which has caught the interest of many. As a result, it is common for people to attempt it expecting a fast relief from pain, anxiety, or whatever.

Such people might be disappointed and conclude that they wasted money on CBD. It is not uncommon for people to attempt CBD for several weeks before they notice any tangible result.

As effective as CBD is, you shouldn’t expect to simply put it in your mouth and voila – expect instant relief. One needs some commitment in terms of effort and time to realize any long-term benefit. This means you should commit to CBD for a couple of weeks and a month before expecting any tangible effect.

It doesn’t end there; you might need to activate your inner endocannabinoid system by supplementing CBD oil with topical CBD products. Still, if there is no tangible result after a few weeks, switch to another brand.

Try another Delivery Method

One of the highlights of CBD is its availability in various methods. Also, the method of ingestion determines how effective and the speed of results. Popular CBD forms available are:

  • Oil
  • Vape
  • Tincture
  • Gummies
  • Creams, etc.

Taking CBD edibles like gummies will delay any effect you might expect. Similarly, you might lose some of it during digestion and further processing in the liver.

On the other hand, Vaping delivers CBD oil straight into your lung so that it gets into your blood system fast. With this, you will likely get the effect fast.

The delivery method is equally essential for the condition you want to improve. For instance, CBD creams and balm might be the best choice to relieve muscle pain after an intense workout. As a result, CBD balm might be wrong for someone who wants to improve sleep.

CBD might not be for you

While CBD is popular and pretty effective, it might not be for you. Here are factors that might not make CBD work, despite everything you try:

  • Your metabolism
  • Genetics and
  • Biochemistry

The endocannabinoid is that part of man, which reacts with the active components of CBD. However, each person’s ECB system works uniquely.

In addition, don’t forget that CBD is meant to be a supplement that supports health. It can never replace healthy living, a good lifestyle, and a balanced diet. Besides, it is not a magic pill.

You need a Different Form.

All CBD oil available in the market is classified into three products. Understanding what each contains can guide your choice:

Full Spectrum CBD: This is the entire compound, including CBD, THC, minerals, terpenes, and other components of hemp. It is best and recommended for many people since the whole part of the plant can work together.

Broad Spectrum: Full spectrum minus THC gives broad spectrum.  In states where THC is not legal, you might have to make do with a broad spectrum.

CBD Isolate: contains only CBD, up to 99%, and often the least effective form.

As long as THC is legal, you may opt for full-spectrum to get the best result.


Before rushing to conclude that CBD is not effective, you can troubleshoot with the above recommendation. It can guide you on what to adjust to get the best from your CBD product.

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