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5 Reasons To Charter a Boat Summer 2022

Summer is the perfect time to get out on the water. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to own a boat or learn how to sail to enjoy a high seas adventure. Private boat charter San Diego services allow you to rent a boat staffed by professionals for an easy, enriching experience.

What Is Boat Chartering?

Boat chartering is the process of renting a sailboat for a trip. Bareboat chartering only includes the boat, and not staff or provisions. You usually have to prove you can sail competently to use these services. Most charter services are crewed or skippered, meaning the sailing is handled by professionals.

Some companies also offer event packages, including on-boat dining or cocktail service. Boat chartering is a great way to enjoy a sailboat or yacht adventure without committing to a boat purchase or sailing classes.

Why Should You Charter a Boat

Chartering a boat for a private excursion is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and delight your guests. Here are five reasons you should charter a sailboat this summer.

1. Throw an Unforgettable Event. 

When considering venues for a special event, many people overlook a chartered boat. This makes a private boat cruise a unique experience and a stunning backdrop for any party. Chartering a boat is often more cost-efficient than renting out an entire restaurant or bar.

Charter services can even organize weddings on a boat. Like a destination wedding, this can be a great excuse to simplify your wedding planning. Cut a long guest list down to close friends and immediate family for a more private ceremony, then dock for a larger reception.

2. Embark on a Low-Risk Adventure. 

Many people are interested in sailing, but they are wary about relying on such a specialized skill on the open ocean. Chartering a boat allows you to relax and enjoy the beauty of the sea in the hands of professional sailors. Also, the risk for contagious disease transmission is greatly reduced on a boat, even compared to other outdoor activities such as a day at a park or resort.

3. See Whales and Other Sea Life. 

Chartered boats can accommodate private whale watching excursions. In the summer, many humpback, gray and even massive blue whales gather close to shore in San Diego. If you’ve only ever seen these majestic creatures through a screen, look up how to spot a whale and change that this summer.

4. Improve Your Mental Health. 

Time outdoors has proven benefits for mental health. Boating allows you to focus on the present and take in the world around you, providing relief from the anxieties of modern life.

5. Connect With Loved Ones or Coworkers. 

Sharing special experiences bonds people closer than anything else. If a friend, child or coworker has never experienced the rush of being on a sailboat, consider giving them that gift. Add the convenience of professional sailors and catering, and the first experience is sure to be a positive one. Choosing a sailboat charter San Diego for your excursion can make for lifelong memories.

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