Tips to Protect Your Trip From Sudden Flight Cancellation

The tourism sector is once again back in business as the pandemic wanes around the world and confidence in the industry soars. Travellers in urgent need of long-awaited vacations are out in full force booking flights and hotels. 

However, as travellers are eager to jet off worldwide, overbookings and overwhelmed airlines have often led to sudden cancellations. Stranded travellers are becoming a common view at airports, especially at popular destinations.  

To avoid ending up in that scenario, we’ve laid out a few tips that can help you dodge possible flight cancellation. All you need is some savvy early planning and staying up to date on the latest news. What else?

Stay in touch with your airline

Be sure to check the airline’s website, social media accounts, or keep in touch with their customer service hotline for the most up-to-date information. 

Any information on flight cancellation will typically be available right away on their websites or social media accounts. However, in the event that you’re unsure, you can contact them directly for confirmation. Some airlines offer the option to chat with a customer service representative online. You can usually find the chat option on the airline’s website.

If you booked your flight through a travel agent, you can contact them for assistance with your airline reservations and possible cancellation.

Book cheap flight tickets well ahead of time

The best way to minimize the risks of flight cancellations is by booking from a travel app. Travel apps can not only help make hunting for cheap flights more convenient, they can also cut down on the risks of flight cancellations.

The most beneficial feature of booking flight tickets through travel apps is that these apps provide travellers with the cheapest and the best booking deals. This not only save time as the bookings can be made entirely online by the passengers themselves but also save the passengers from shedding extra money on travelling. 

The less money you sink into pre-travel expenses, the less heartache you will experience in the event there’s a sudden flight cancellation.

Browse for flexible tickets

Specific airlines have the option of booking flexible tickets, which minimizes the risk of flight cancellations. The flexible ticket booking option can be easily accessed by travellers through travel apps. 

Purchasing the flexi ticket option initially may seem like a baffling thing to do as these tickets tend to more expensive. However, in return, the flexible ticket option protects the traveller in case their flight is cancelled or rescheduled without incurring penalty charges.

Flexi tickets also usually come with added advantages such as bigger baggage allowance and more importantly, a full flight ticket refund. This ultimate benefit allows passengers to change their travel dates at no additional cost and thereby minimizing the risks of being caught off guard by flight cancellations.

In all, purchasing flexible tickets can provide you with a peace of mind and allow you to focus on other more important aspects of travel planning.

Check your airline’s cancellation policies

Most airlines have cancellation policies which allow for a full refund of their flight tickets in case the flight gets cancelled. 

You can go to the airline’s website and look for information on their cancellation policy. This can usually be found in the “Terms and Conditions” or “Customer Service” section of the website.

If you’re unable to find the cancellation policy on the airline’s website, you can call their customer service hotline and ask a representative for more information.

Remember to read and understand the fine print, as this will outline the details of cancellation policy and any fees that may apply.

If you booked through travel apps, all information about the airline can be easily accessed in one place. Travellers can even compare multiple airlines’ policies within one app to look up which airlines have the most flexible policy.

Check the weather and situation at your destination

Before you travel, check the weather forecast for your destination and any potential layover cities. If there is a storm or other adverse weather conditions, there may be a higher risk of flight cancellations.

Additionally, find out if there’s been disruptions, entry rule changes, or important political happenings where you plan to visit. These may not necessarily affect your flights, but there’s no harm in keeping informed on current events.

Spend a bit more and get travel insurance

Purchasing travel insurance protects you against travel risks such as medical, cancellation, and baggage fees.

If you have travel insurance, you may be eligible to get full refund if a trip is cancelled or delayed on top of the airline’s own refund policy. Apart from this, travel insurance will also fund expenses incurred by delays, like if you need to book extra hotel room for the night.

Much like purchasing flexible tickets protect you from travel worries, purchasing travel insurance can provide peace of mind while you’re traveling. Knowing that you have protection against unexpected events and financial losses can help you relax and enjoy your trip.


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