5 Reasons You Should Take Your Employees to a Work Lunch

Nearly half of American workers are not highly satisfied with their relationship with a boss or supervisor. More specifically, 20% of employees view their supervisory relationship as fair or poor.

With these stats in mind, it is time to rethink your relationship with employees and subordinates. One way to improve the situation is by taking your employees out for work lunches.

Read on for 5 reasons why a lunch with your employees is worth doing. Explore how a weekly lunch can increase productivity, work quality, and overall performance.

1. Improve Work-Life Balance

Striving for a work-life balance is a big factor in increasing productivity. It is unhealthy to focus on work 24/7. As a result of overwork, employees get burnt out or are more likely to make mistakes.

You can create a culture where home life is equally important to work. Take the opportunity at lunch to ask about your employees’ personal lives. By expressing an interest in their lives, you send the message that it is important to you and the company.

2. Learn About Your Employees

You can use a work lunch to learn more about your employees. Ask questions about their spouse and children. Learn about their hobbies and what they like to do in their spare time.

The immediate benefit of this is developing a positive rapport with your coworkers. Strong relationships make work more enjoyable. Your employees are more likely to go above and beyond for a supervisor they like.

3. Show Your Appreciation

Your employees have been working hard. Giving them a free lunch is one way to show your appreciation.

Try to find a place that everyone can enjoy. For example, treating your workers to the best burgers in Chattanooga will go a long way. This is much better than another boring pizza party.

4. Create a Tradition

American workers tend to value tradition. Setting up a weekly lunch for your team is a great way to start a tradition.

They will look forward to it each week. It will be a weekly reprieve from the daily grind of the 9-to-5 job.

5. Save Money for Your Employees

Inflation is negatively impacting many employees. Many can no longer afford to go out to lunch due to rising prices.

Economists are calling this recent phenomenon “lunchflation.” Since 2022, grocery store prices have gone up nearly 11%. Food prices at restaurants have gone up by more than 9%.

You can lower costs for your team by picking up lunch. Also, food expenses for work purposes are tax-deductible, so you can lower the company’s tax liability at the same time.

Top Reasons to Take Your Employees Out for a Work Lunch

It is easy to see the value of taking your employees out for lunch. Not only does it boost morale, but it also saves your employees money.

They will buy into the company culture and increase their productivity. Also, you will develop stronger relationships with your employees. If you enjoy this article about taking your employees out for a work lunch, check out our blog for more great content.

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