5 Things to Remember While go-to Rent Car Morocco

Morocco is a famous tourist destination that features a pleasantly warm climate, mesmerizing landscapes, delicious food, vibrant culture, and much more. Whether you are a mountain person, beach or desert enthusiast, Morocco has everything to offer. One of the best and popular ways to explore this vast country is opting for a car rental. You enjoy freedom and flexibility to the fullest by opting to rent car Morocco. But it is mandatory to be aware of the Moroccan rules and regulations to have a smooth trip.  

Important Questions to Ask Before Car Rental in Morocco

While planning the perfect itinerary in Morocco with a rental car, you need to ask a set of questions for knowledge and clarity. Some of these questions are discussed below:

Why Should You Consider Renting a Car in Morocco?

Almost all cities in Morocco are well connected with public transportation. But the inclination towards rental cars remains the same. Be it car hire in marrakech or any other city, the comfort, luxury that it offers is immense. If you wish to travel on your own terms, renting a car is a must. 

Is Renting a Car in Morocco Safe?

This is a common question amongst tourists. The answer is a definite yes. You will find well-maintained roads all throughout Morocco with the level of traffic varying in each city. As long as you abide by the laws and maintain your code of conduct, traveling by road in Morocco is a secure option. 

What Type of Rental Car is Best in Morocco?

Morocco is a blend of mountains, beaches and deserts. The roads might get challenging towards the mountainous regions. Keeping all the safety measures and comfort in mind renting an SUV in Morocco is the best option. 

What is the Cost of Renting a Car in Morocco?

The cost of car rental in Morocco depends on the type of car you opt for. There are different car rental providers in Morocco that offer a range of cars in various categories. If you are interested in renting a car in Morocco from a trusted source, OneClickDrive is the best choice. You may rent a car starting at around MAD 250 for a day from OneClickDrive.

Tips to Consider While Booking a Car in Morocco

  • Be Mindful of Traffic Rules: Driving in Morocco can be challenging for the first time if you are not aware of the traffic rules. Over speeding is strictly not advisable as there are high chances of unexpected traffic coming in your way. Sometimes it might be another car or a camel passing by. There are also horses in Morocco that you might encounter on the road. 
  • Stop at Police Checkpoints: Police checkpoints in Morocco are common while you enter or leave a city. Slow down and wait for what the police officers have to ask or instruct. Mostly, they will check your driving license and passport. You might also be stopped for breaking traffic rules, especially over speeding as the speed limit keeps on changing all throughout the city. In such cases you have to pay fines in cash. 
  • Know of Re-fuelling Options: The most prevalent language in Morocco is French. Learning a new language in a short span is not possible, but you can learn the basic words. For instance, be aware of the French translation of words like petrol and diesel so that you fill your car tank right. Do also check the fuel prices in the specific city of Morocco to avoid being scammed. 
  • Keep Documents Handy: You need a list of documents for renting a car in Morocco. It includes a passport, driving license and a credit card. Carry the original documents and keep them handy with you. 

By renting a car in Morocco you can plan an inclusive itinerary and cover more places and cities in less time. If you are on a long trip, there are options for weekly and monthly rentals, it will help you to get reasonable rates too. So you can explore any cities by choosing Agadir, Casablanca, Nador or cheap car rental Marrakech options. So, list out your preferences and choose the perfect car for a memorable vacation in this diverse country. 

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