Iraq is known for its cradle of civilization. This place is gradually opening its doors wider to tourists. This land goes a long way back in history as it offers a mixture of ancient wonders, welcoming people, and mouthwatering food. If you are seeking an adventure that is beyond the usual tourist destinations, Iraq Tours is the ideal choice for you to explore in 2024

If you haven’t been to Iraq yet, you must. Add it to your bucket list in 2024.

What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Iraq

This guide will provide you with information you have been missing about Iraq expeditions in 2024 and help you navigate your trip to Iraq. We will cover important topics like visas, safety tips, must-see destinations, cultural pointers, and practical planning advice. 

Essential Information: Visas and Safety

We can’t forget about this one. Before you start dreaming of ziggurats, checking your nationality’s visa requirements is crucial. Therefore, you should contact the Iraqi embassy in your home country to learn the process. Tourist visas are becoming easier to obtain, but planning is always recommended. 

Treasure Await: Must-See Places in Iraq


During your Iraq tours, you can walk in ancient Babylonians’ footsteps and explore this once-great city’s ruins. Check out the Ishtar Gate, a stunning example of Mesopotamian architecture. 


You will stand in awe of the magnificent ziggurat, a towering stepped pyramid dominating the ancient city. Plus, you can explore the Royal Cemetery. In addition, you can learn about the lives of Babylonian kings and queens. 

Iraqi Marshlands

In your Iraq expeditions 2024, you can take a boat trip through this vast wetland ecosystem, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, you can witness the unique culture of the Marsh Arabs and check out the birdlife. 

Kurdish Mountains 

Take a hike through the breathtaking scenery of the Kurdish mountains in northern Iraq. Similarly, you can visit traditional villages and historical sites like the ancient city of Dohuk. You can’t miss out on the experience of Kurdish hospitality. 

Understanding the Culture: Do’s and Don’ts

The people of Iraq are known for their hospitality. A simple greeting in Arabic, like “Marhaba” (hello), will be well received. You should dress modestly, especially when you are visiting religious sites. 

We must remember the food. It’s a part of Iraqi life. 

  • Masgouf: A delicious grilled fish dish marinated in spices and cooked over open flames.
  • Dolma: Delicate grape leaves or vegetables stuffed with rice, meat, and herbs.
  • Tepsi: A baked dish with various ingredients, like lamb, vegetables, and rice.
  • Masgouf: A delicious grilled fish dish marinated in spices and cooked over open flames.
  • Chai: Strong, sweet black tea is a staple Iraqi beverage.

Planning Makes Perfect: Tips for a Smooth Trip 

The Iraqi tourism infrastructure is developing. Here are some ideas about what you can do. 

Tip #1

Make sure to join a tour. There are amazing organized tours that take people. Moreover, these tour operators can handle logistics and visas and provide knowledgeable guides. 

Tip #2

What is the best time to visit? Although Iraq is well received throughout the year, we suggest you take a trip in Spring or Autumn. 

Tip #3

You should know what to pack. Similarly, modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees is always a good idea. Bring comfortable shoes with you for walking. 

Tip #4

Remember, currency exchange. Moreover, the Iraqi Dinar is the local currency. Therefore, you should exchange your money at reputable exchange offices upon arrival. 

Iraq in 2024: A Land of Untapped Potential 

Iraq is an exceptional place to visit, extremely unique. It will offer a travel experience like no other. You can explore the richness of history and the friendly people and try the amazing food all in one place. 

How to get there? Contact the world’s best travel agency company since 2017, Aknaf Al Sawary. We take people on an adventure in Iraq expeditions 2024, Iran, and Syria. Don’t miss out. Give us a call today! 

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