5 Things You Should Never Put In The Dryer

Not all clothing or accessories may be dried in a dryer; they must instead be dried by air. Rubber, elastic, and spandex-containing items can degrade. Other items may crack, deform, shrink, or melt. Here are five things you should never put in the dryer:

Swimsuits and bras

After each use, wash your swimsuit to get rid of all chlorine and sunscreen residue. Don’t, however, give in to the temptation to dry it after cleaning. Swimwear should never be dried in the dryer since the heat will ruin the spandex, making it look baggy and loose instead of fitted. It is better to let these things air dry. Elastic and spandex are used in bras to stretch and offer support. Unfortunately, high temperatures degrade such components and quickly erode the bra’s form. To keep their shape, properly wash them and let them air dry.

Rubber backed rugs and bags

Bathroom rugs that prevent slipping and sliding are small enough to fit inside your hand dryer, but  the rubber on the back won’t withstand the extreme heat and may even shatter. Additionally, overheating it might ignite a dryer fire. Backpacks, lunch bags, and reusable shopping bags all require frequent washing and cleaning when you consider all the items that wind up in them. But unless they are composed entirely of cotton, none of these items should be dried in a dryer. The interior structure of insulated bags can be destroyed by the high heat of a dryer, which can also cause the outside materials to melt, shrink, or warp.


One of the most delicate pieces of clothing you can find are tights, sometimes known as pantyhose. Even putting them on vigorously enough can cause a tear. Therefore, it makes obvious that a clothes dryer would be too harsh for the fabric. Pantyhose can tangle up with everything, shrink in the heat of the dryer, and cause runs in addition to creating a lot of frustration. They are so thin that air drying will just take a few minutes.

Running shoes

The heat can degrade adhesives, cause rubber to shrink, and ruin cushioning, rendering your robust footwear unusable. Tennis shoes meant for casual wear can be dried in the dryer with a few towels on the cool-air cycle.


The most well-known error is most likely wool. We’ve all seen at least one unfortunate incident where a lovely cashmere sweater came out of the dryer looking like it would fit a teddy bear. Wool shrinks with the high heat of a dryer, and once it does, it is very difficult to get it to take its original shape. This is why you should air-dry anything made of wool instead of putting it in the dryer.

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