5 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the one room people spend the most time in, whether it’s cooking masterpieces or washing dishes. A disorganized kitchen can make that time unpleasant. Follow these tips to have a kitchen you’ll enjoy working in.

1. Add a Movable Kitchen Island

Add kitchen counter space with plenty of storage underneath. Buy a dresser with drawers and then add a granite counter lining on top. Add swivel casters with lock on the bottom so you can move the island and lock it in place when you’re prepping food.

2. Clean Out Your Drawers

You likely have a lot of things stored that you no longer need. These items are taking up space and could be benefitting someone else, so either give them away or sell them. Replace the lining in your drawers and then replace everything in a more orderly fashion.

3. Add a Spice Rack

A spice rack in your kitchen is a great way to see all of your spices at once so you can find them easily. Organize your spices alphabetically or in some other way so you aren’t routing through all your bottles of spices to find the rosemary.

4. Add Storage Bins to Your Pantry

If you have deep shelves, organize your pantry items in storage bins, such as pasta or smoothie items. That way you can pull out a bin when making a meal and then put the bin back when you’re finished.

5. Add Metal Racks to Your Cupboards for Baking Sheets

Nothing is more annoying than all of your cookie sheets and muffin tins piled one on top of the other. Buy a metal rack to hold these items vertically so that you can easily see them and remove what you need.

6. Add Storage Baskets Under the Sink

Invest in some metal storage baskets to hold cleaning supplies and tools under your sink. That way you can easily remove the items and clean the area under your sink. Having all of your cleaning supplies in one space also makes cleaning the area under your sink easier.

7. Store Dry Goods Inside Canning Jars

Protect your dry goods from insects and mice by storing them in canning jars. These jars come in a range of sizes. A half-gallon canning jar easily holds dry spaghetti.

Organizing your kitchen will make cooking more fun. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a clean kitchen in no time.

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