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5 Types Of Intelligence That Defy Standard Tests

Traditionally, we are accustomed to evaluating people by their intellectual abilities. Hence the popularity of IQ development tests. Such tests show the potential for logical and abstract thinking. However, when it comes to applying these abilities to real-life situations where very limited time is given, high test scorers often fail. The reason for this is the versatility of human nature, the presence of a wide range of abilities and individual differences between people. Recently, psychologists and sociologists offer to evaluate a person’s abilities by 9 types of intelligences.

It’s like being tall for volleyball players or long fingers for a musician – to achieve good results, you need a lot of other qualities and abilities.

So IQ tests are good for assessing college students, but not good for predicting employee success. There are many examples in life when high school students could not even reach the bottom bar in work, while quiet C students achieved tremendous success in business, career, or even became celebrities – inspiring role models for millions.

Types of intelligence that defy standard tests

​​Musical intelligence

It is generally accepted that the ability to feel music, its rhythm and timbre is a talent, but not a mental skill. But if we can evaluate vocabulary or oratory skills, then why not include musical skills among them. And if you have managed to know yourself and find your calling in life, then this is also an indicator of your intelligence.

Spatial intelligence

The ability to navigate in space is an important skill that helps in the work of architects, designers, scientists, archaeologists and many other professions. Therefore, this is also the main criterion by which you can evaluate your mental abilities.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

The opinion that all athletes are narrow-minded is erroneous. Coordination of movements and motor skills are directly related to the work of the intellect. This is the ability to clearly control the whole body or part of your body. The work of a sculptor, a potter, a seamstress is not only physical, but also mental. And if you have managed to know yourself and find your calling in life, then this is also an indicator of your intelligence.

Interpersonal intelligence

This classification is vaguely reminiscent of emotional intelligence. This is the concept of how you understand other people, communicate, and know how to motivate. This is an important skill for executives or leaders who are constantly working with a team. Therefore, it is also worth counting it among its merits.

Personal intelligence

In today’s world, we can determine our own future. To do this, it is very important to develop personal intelligence, awareness, and to study your strengths and weaknesses. The development of this type of intelligence is one of the important tasks for every person. And if you have managed to know yourself and find your calling in life, then this is also an indicator of your intelligence.

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