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6 Creative Health and Beauty Tips

While the standard beauty and health tips are tried and true for a reason, sometimes you might be ready to try something new. Finding a creative approach to the way you treat your body can make the process more exciting and reveal new results you have never seen. Explore the list below for outside-the-box tips.

1. Tinting

A great way to get the look you want without having to commit to anything long-term is to try out tinting. Tinting your eyebrows, usually to a darker shade, mimics the appearance of thicker, fuller hairs. It is a nice alternative to filling them in each day with a pencil, as each tinting session lasts about a month, according to Women’s Health. Besides eyebrows, many people choose to get their eyelashes tinted as well. Lash tint looks like you are wearing mascara all the time, without having to worry about taking off your makeup or having it smear when you rub your eyes. Both processes can be done at any modern salon.

2. Vitamins

Many people take a daily multivitamin already, but those are a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrients. Choices typically range from women’s to men’s daily supplements, but beyond that, they are not going to be tailored to each person’s goals. Another option is to try out personalized vitamins, which give a more creative and personal flair to the standard supplement routine. Customizing your vitamins allows you to address your own specific health and wellness goals while feeling more involved in the process.

3. Digestive Beverages

One important facet of wellness is the care of your digestive system. One way to promote digestive health is to start your day with an activating beverage. Drinking lots of water and incorporating other ingredients like chia seeds, lemon, and ginger can provide added benefits to your hydration. Chia seeds contain fiber important for moving things along through your digestive tract, while lemon can boost your immune system, according to Healthline. Besides adding flavor, ginger holds its own value as an antioxidant powerhouse, as explained by WebMD.

4. Hair Care

Similar to personalizing your vitamins, consider getting personal with your hair care. Everyone’s hair has different textures, patterns, and needs. It only makes sense that what works for one person is not going to have the same effect on someone else. Exploring some of the personalized hair care options out there may be worth your time if you have specific concerns you do not feel are being addressed with your current regime, such as heat damage, curl support, or color treatment.

5. Essential Oils

Doing a self-massage with essential oils, or roping in a loved one to do it for you, can be an extremely relaxing experience that delivers the benefits of the oils you use. Different oils have their own effects and health focuses, so you will want to do research on which ones can benefit you the most. You will also want to consider the scent of the oils you use, especially if you are sensitive to certain smells. Diluting the essential oil with a skin-safe carrier oil, like coconut, olive, or jojoba, will help to reduce the chance of irritation from the potency.

6. Retreats

If you really want to dive into the wellness world, you may find value and solace in going on a retreat. Retreats are put on by various different organizations and companies ranging from yoga studios to spiritual guides. Some may be more focused on meditation and internal thought, while others may be geared towards the social aspect of health and the environment around you. Looking into retreats that interest you and seeing who tends to go on them can be a good jumping-off point before fully committing to the idea.

Getting creative with the health and beauty tips you try can make you feel reinvigorated and motivated to continue your journey of self-care. Trying out new things and being open to change can benefit you in the long run, opening your eyes to a range of helpful and unique strategies.

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