6 Sellers Blunders While Shipping via Amazon FBA

Numerous business entrepreneurs are doing their products shipping and fulfillment through FBA amazon. And during this journey of shipping, the main concern of the sellers is to reach their products to the customers efficiently and accurately without any blunder.FBA Amazon shipping took care of everything related to the safe delivery of the products. It also took care of the delivery fee and charged its sellers to cost reasonable and affordable shipping.

Every seller and business entrepreneur’s goal is to succeed and grow their business widely. And to fulfill this goal, the seller needs an online reputation among its customers and contemporary brands .because if the sellers fail to deliver a quality product on time, it will bring lots of money and deface their reputation among renowned brands. Thus, FBA Amazon shipping helps the sellers have a reputation and reliability among the customers.  Amazon shipping is a huge shipping network working on innovative strategic plans to deliver the goods on time and place without any error.

Six sellers mistakes during Amazon shipping

FBA sellers usually commit several blunders during selling products to the Amazon fulfilment centre for shipping. Sellers should consider these mistakes before selling their products to Amazon shipping because it will cost money and time and defame their reputation among the eCommerce industry. Before we move ahead to reveal the mistakes we would suggest you have a look at this guide on amazon ungating. Now let’s move forward:

Faulty products labeling 

An inaccurate description of products and an incorrect list of products can cause the sellers to lose valuable sales. Thus before sending their products to Amazon fulfillment centers, the sellers should provide the correct list of packages and products. Sellers also need to provide a complete description of the products inside the barcodes. Amazon shipping uses a 2D label and transit scanning to analyze the products without human error quickly. Thus the sellers need not forget to use proper labels on the products for speedy and accurate delivery of quality products. Amazon management also uses ID stickers to deliver the correct product to the right customers.

Poor Product packaging 

As Amazon’s shipping center takes care of product packing, the sellers still need to send their products properly and in good condition. To ensure the protection of goods, the sellers need to take care to en route their products to FBA amazon shipping centers. The sellers also need to apply the FBA stickers and labels to the right sides of the packages because shipping and fulfillment workers use cutters to open the seals of the package. If the seller applies the labels on the wrong side and workers cut them during the opening of the packages, it will make the sticker ineligible and interfere with the scanner. Thus make sure not to apply the labels on the seals’ area of the products packages.

Lack of information about FBA fee

Amazon shipping is, of course, not a free delivery platform. Delivery charges are applied on each delivery according to the product description, such as quantity, size, weight, time, and place of delivery. Amazon has devised a proper fee structure for the sellers. Thus, sellers need to consider Amazon’s FBA fee structure before sending their products to fulfillment centers. Some extra charges are also applied in various cases, such as storage of products for a long time can cost extra charges. Thus the seller must know all these charges before selling products.

Not following  Amazon instructions 

Amazon shipping and fulfillment centers have some necessary instructions and guidelines regarding selling products. Amazon also has some requirements regarding the packaging, picking, storing, labeling, scanning, and delivery of products. If the sellers don’t follow these instructions, Amazon might cancel their delivery and selling, which will cause serious loss to the sellers. Thus, they should follow these instructions and Amazon shipping laws to fulfill their selling and delivery of products.

Sending products to the wrong warehouses 

Amazon shipping is a huge platform. There are hundreds of Amazon fulfillment centers and warehouses across the globe. Thus the sellers need to track the proper address of the nearby warehouse and fulfillment center so that their products reach the right shipping center safely without any delay.

Poor handling of inventory 

Amazon warehouse costs extra for stocking and storage of the products. Thus the sellers need to send those products to Amazon centers for shipping which they know will sell promptly. That’s why the sellers can avoid extra storage charges. The sellers have to make sure that the delivered products are without any default and all the requirements of Amazon shipping have been met to improve the selling rates of their products.

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