6 Tips for Keeping Your Belleville Home Secure 

According to insurance comparison company Zebra, a burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the US. Many of them take place in suburban neighborhoods and nearly half a million of them are brazen enough to take place in broad daylight. Even with the overwhelming statistics staring them in the face, many homeowners fail to implement the most basic home security measure. Below, you will find six top tips for securing your home.  

A Quality Perimeter Fence

If you’ve got weak spots in your fence, you’re inviting burglars into your property from all different angles. Therefore, to avoid people approaching from anywhere other than the front of your home, make sure you have a suitable fence installed. If you don’t have the time for a DIY project, get in touch with professional fence builders in Belleville IL.

A Lockbox for Spare Keys

Many people leave keys to their homes just laying around, whether it be under a plant pot or rock. Although there are times when you need to leave a spare key for other family members, you are literally giving your key to burglars. Therefore, to make sure your key stays safe, have a lock box installed on the outside of your home. 

Fortify Sliding Doors

Sliding doors to the rear of your property are much less secure than your front door, so take measures to reinforce them. For example, instead of just relying on a pickable lock, you can have additional locking mechanisms installed to the running tracks inside. Alternatively, you can lay a length of strong metal or wood along the internal tracks, which would prevent anyone from opening the doors quietly. 

Install a Security System

According to information presented by Alarms.org, homes with security systems are 300% less likely to be burgled. By having any form of clearly visible security system in place, would-be burglars will leave your property in favor of an easier target. 

Many people associate security systems with high costs they’ll never afford, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. These days, a smart security system that pairs with a smartphone can be purchased for around $100. 

Invest in a Safe

Instead of leaving your valuables tucked away in a drawer, have an immovable safe installed into your home and keep them there. This way, any burglars will have extra work to do once they’re inside, which means they’re more likely to give up out of fear of being caught out. 

Limit Social Media Sharing

If you enjoy posting pictures and videos on social media, that’s fantastic. However, you should be careful not to overshare content shot in or around your home. Additionally, you should make sure your hometown and address are hidden from other people. You would be surprised at how well people can track others down using nothing but photos and the internet – just watch this Netflix series if you don’t believe us. 

If you’re not already taking steps to keep your home safe, use the information above to take action now. 

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