The Importance of Having a Wheelchair Accessible Outdoor Bathroom

There are many times that gatherings are held for a lot of people in an outdoor setting. Whether it is a concert, activity, or other types of event, getting guests to show up and stay for its entirety is important. To accomplish this, guests need to feel comfortable. Providing facilities for guests to use the bathroom is an important aspect of providing the comfort they need to stay at the event.

Outdoor Bathrooms

When an event is held outdoors, it can be difficult ensuring that there are restroom facilities available. This is why there are outdoor bathrooms available for rent. These rental units help ensure guests feel comfortable and stay at an event. However, there are some considerations when renting these units, such as determining the need for a wheelchair accessible outdoor bathroom.

The event planner must determine the approximate number of people that will be attending the gathering, as well as the potential for guests who may have disabilities. This will help them to determine the number of outdoor bathrooms they will need. Some rental facilities can help determine the number of each based on the number of guests expected to arrive.

Benefits of a Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Outdoors

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed by event planners and their guests when wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are available. The main benefit is the inclusivity it provides for the guests. Everyone can feel that they were not left out when the event was planned and that they are welcome to attend.

Wheelchair accessibility is not only beneficial to the success of the event, but it is also a legal obligation for events that are open to the public. Whether a person is using a manual or powered wheelchair, or they chooses to use a powered scooter, everyone has the right to accessibility. Providing accessible bathrooms is part of that.

Even if the event does not attract a large number of individuals with disabilities, the units may still be very beneficial to some guests at the event. This can help increase their comfort and help to make the event successful.

If families are in attendance at the event, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are larger and provide more room for a parent to assist their small child with using the bathroom. Wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are also lower to the ground and can make it easier for the elderly to enter and exit without tripping.

Difference Between Wheelchair Accessible and ADA Compliant

When planning an event, it is important for the event planner to understand the difference between wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. Although they may seem the same, they are quite different. Depending on the situation or event, the planner may be legally required to provide ADA-compliant facilities over the wheelchair-accessible option.

Many people choose the wheelchair-accessible option because they do provide access for those in a wheelchair and are smaller and cheaper than their counterparts. Wheelchair-accessible outdoor bathrooms have wider doors, are lower to the ground, and may have a ramp to allow easy entrance for wheelchairs.

The wheelchair-accessible units also have a wider cabin than a standard restroom. These cabins must be wide enough to allow a three-point turn in a wheelchair. For some small events or private gatherings, this may be all that is necessary to ensure access.

However, when ADA compliant facilities are necessary, there are specific guidelines the units must have. The main difference is the cabin size. It must have enough space to allow a 360-degree turn for the wheelchair. It also requires hinged or magnetic doors to make it easier to close. The unit must also have reinforced construction and reinforced grab bars inside.

The best option for event planners is to check with the local and state laws regarding the specific event. This will provide information as to whether ADA-compliant units are required.

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