7 Business Ideas That Will Never Get Affected by the Pandemic

How was your 2020- 21? Pretty much worse, isn’t it?

Despite some industries withering, a few flourished with social distancing.

However, self-sustenance has become the need of the hour. With businesses and jobs were laid off, many decided to forge their path to start small businesses.

Launching a business with a pandemic in mind means you need to have a full-proof and low-cost business idea. As a pandemic-friendly industry vertical, one thing that comes to mind is “On-Demand Service.”

To understand it better, read the below exciting statistics about the on-demand service marketplace. The on-demand service market is estimated to grow by $1500 billion in four years.

  • Uber taxi holds 69% of the US market.
  • Video streaming apps have an enormous response of 82% in the USA.
  • Smartphone app users are nearly 44.1 million who use at least one food delivery app.

With the above facts, what can you observe?

Businesses like taxis, transport, OTT platforms, etc., have taken a step ahead and built their business to reach the maximum customers via mobile applications due to pandemic.

Therefore, the best weapon to sustain your business is developing a mobile app like popular apps. For startups and small businesses, developing clone apps is the ultimate solution.

There are a lot of on-demand business ideas that are booming in the market in 2022. Let’s peep into each of them.

“Any business that offers its services or products to their customers immediately at the same moment is offering an on-demand service.”

Types of On-Demand Service Apps

B2B- On-demand service apps, exclusively for one business to other. For example, transportation, banking, etc.

B2C- The most common category of on-demand service selling to customers alone. For example, Walmart, Amazon, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Netflix, etc.

C2C- Earning a two-sided commission is catering C2C platform. For example, OLX, Uber Taxi, etc.

Let us now give you a detailed description of the top 7 business ideas that would never affect the pandemic.

Top & Trending On-Demand Service Apps

A business can only sustain itself if it has a good vision and business model. Let’s find the perfect on-demand service app idea that gives you a million-dollar company.

Uber for Taxi-hailing Business App

On-demand taxi services changed the life of many people commuting long distances. With taxi apps like Uber, everyone could book a taxi sitting at home instead of waiting at the street corners for a vacant taxi.

The top competitors of Uber are Lyft, Grab, Ola, and Gett. You can get your Uber clone app by customizing and adding new features. Clone solutions are the most logical decision for a startup or already developed business that can transform digitally.

Alcohol Delivery App

Who does not like to party on Friday evening? It is perfect to think about the on-demand liquor selling business.

How different will it be to sell liquor online and not from any store?

Unlike them, your business will sell liquor at the customer’s door-step. People can have an appealing app on their mobile phones and order any alcoholic beverage at their choice of location.

The rules and laws of starting a liquor business are a little stricter than any other business, but the money you get is all worth it. Therefore it is the best option to start your business by creating a clone of liquor delivery app.

Food Delivery App Solution

Pandemic has closed doors for everything. Dine-out was utterly shut down, and it had become difficult to stay all the time indoors and eat home food.

The initial restrictions made the chef and restaurant owners come out and start an on-demand food delivery business. With the development of food delivery apps, people could order food online with just one click. There’s still demand for online door-step food delivery. You can earn a lot from this brilliant idea of serving the people.

Grocery Delivery App

As mentioned, if food can be delivered at the door-step, why not daily groceries?

Yes, you heard it right. You can start a business venture of a grocery delivery app. With the help of Uber eats clone scripts, even your business can get a clone app for grocery delivery at an affordable rate.

There are two approaches to starting the app: the store packs your parcel and delivers it through a delivery person. Another is where the delivery guy picks up the grocery from different stores, bags them, and reaches the customer.

Choose any model you think can fetch you profits and start the clone application development.

Entertainment App Service

One thing that helped us survive in the house-arrest during the pandemic was entertainment. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc., saw an enormous plunge on their market, with millions of users subscribing every day.

We were all either working from home or studying, which gave us a lot of time to explore new things and save time for ourselves. Although, these platforms will not explain to you or suggest you get an OTT platform for your business.

They come with royalties and content rights. Instead, you can build a clone app like one of them, and you can get a full-fledged clone app like one of the OTT platforms with customizable features and creative UI design.

Movers and Packers Service App

There are multiple reasons people need packers and movers for. People buy new houses, offices shift to new commercial spaces or change to different locations/ cities. All these rely on the packers and mover’s business.

Why not start an on-demand movers and packers service app that can help and make people’s work easy in shifting or relocating?

You can develop a good relationship with your clients who can further recommend your service to their friends and peers. It’s all about providing spectacular service than upselling other services.

Airbnb Clone App

So, imagine going on a vacation and looking for a place to live!

Give them an ultra-luxurious experience with a perfect staycation hotel room. Probably, you can build an app like Airbnb and give them multiple choices from condos, hotel rooms, local houses, or villas.

Also, you can add extra features like nearby places to visit, restaurants of their choice, and budget-free. The best part is that your app can update new properties and earn well with multiple bookings.

Parting Thoughts

You may have lost your job or might have to shut down your business, but it is not the end of the world. Need an easy kick-off to your business? 

Luckily, there’s a lot more for the new players in the market and plenty of other niches that can be one of the on-demand services worldwide.

If you have an idea coming across but are unsure where to start, discuss it with clone app experts. They will give you the best solutions to mold your business from just an idea to something unique real-time platform.

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