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8 Acrylic Display Examples to Boost Product Sales

Acrylic is one of the most popular materials used in the point-of-purchase display industry. It owes its popularity to its versatility and wide range of uses as both a primary construction material for retail displays as well as its role as an accent material. Acrylic can be cut, bent, folded, curved, glued, printed on, engraved, and backlit. It comes in many different standard colors and can be custom fabricated to match any PMS color. It is typically produced in 4’x8’ sheets and comes in many different thicknesses. Clear acrylic is ubiquitous in the retail industry because it enables shoppers to have full visibility of the merchandise being displayed. Let’s look at 8 acrylic display examples that are designed to boost product sales. 

  1. Riedel Countertop Merchandiser-The Riedel glassware display shown below was designed to be a high-end glorifier to showcase Riedel’s line of premium glassware. We used glossy black acrylic with direct printed graphics. 
  1. La Chatelaine Hand Cream Display– This 2-tier hanging hand cream display illustrates the power of clear acrylic. The tubes of hand cream are completely visible but well protected in the encased display. Acrylic has a very smooth surface and prints exceptionally well either via direct printing or silk screening. We branded the display below with a simple 1-color logo.
 Cream Display
  1. Santeer CBD Display– We built this Santeer CBD counter display primarily out of clear acrylic. We created slanted shelves with shelf dividers so the product would slide to the front of the display. We added color vinyl graphics to promote the Santeer brand and provide the shopper with product information at the point of sale.
CBD Display
  1. Hanky Panky Valentine’s Day DisplayAcrylic displays don’t have to be fancy to be effective. This rose display was designed to promote Hanky Pankys line of intimate undergarments.
Valentine’s Day Display
  1. Sun Bum Lip Balm Display– We designed this 2-tiered triple-wide gravity-fed lip balm display using a custom PMS-matched yellow acrylic with direct printed graphics on the sides and top. We used clear acrylic on the front of the bins to allow for complete product visibility and incorporated a slide-in graphic above the bins. We also embedded magnets into the acrylic to make it easy for the independent modules to stick together.
Balm Display
  1. Livive Counter Display– The Livive display shown below is a good example of how lighting can be used effectively with acrylic to draw attention to products while also promoting the brand. We used frosted acrylic on the base platform and the upper platform with green LED backlighting. We laser cut the logo out of sheet metal and back lit the letters. We added a rear access door to make it easy to access the products and service the display.
Counter Display
  1. Knesko Skin– Acrylic is one of he go-to materials in the beauty and cosmetics industry primarily because it creates an upscale look and increases perceived value of the product. The 2-tiered Knesko Skin display shown below is an example of a clean minimalistic merchandiser with simple branding and removable product information cards below the product.
Knesko Skin
  1. Roshambo Counter Display– This kids’ sunglass counter display features full acrylic construction with both printed and slide-in graphics. We incorporated pushers to push the boxes of sunglasses forward, added a mirror, a side acrylic bin, and top deck and side graphics.
Roshambo Counter

Acrylic has many benefits as a display material. Before starting your next retail display project, make sure you consider acrylic as an option. Acrylic displays, when properly designed and executed, can increase product sales and enhance your brand image.

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