8 Best Ecommerce Site in Bangladesh (2022)

The E-commerce sector has been developed a lot in the last few years in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is also going towards the digital technology-based future for the recent advancement in the IT sector. Now people have already become dependent on E-commerce platforms for meeting their day-to-day needs. Shopping requires huge hassles and efforts in some places as Bangladesh is a densely overpopulated country. 

On the other hand, in rural areas, people are deprived of different types of products for their unavailability in that place. So, considering these two factors, the E-commerce sector has become very popular to the Bangladeshi people. Notably, there are many E-commerce platforms, but all of those are not trustworthy and good enough as well. However, some of those are really good and give the best service nowadays, like Shopoth.com. Among those, here we are giving the 8 best Ecommerce sites in Bangladesh based on the user behavior in 2022. 

8 Best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh (2022)

Nowadays, there are around 50+ reputed Ecommerce sites in Bangladesh. There is huge competition today, and these platforms are fighting against one another. Here are have made a list of the 8 best Ecommerce sites in Bangladesh on the basis of user behavior and customer satisfaction. Let’s discuss all of those ones by one in detail. 


Daraz.com.bd is now the most popular and best Ecommerce platform in Bangladesh, launched in 2012. There are 30,000 sellers, 500 brands and 2.5 million products, and 10.09 million monthly visitors on this platform. At this moment, this one is the most visited online shopping website in Bangladesh. Electronic products, fashion products, furniture, jewelry, footwear, gadgets, automobiles, and many other products are available on this online platform. 

In 2018, Daraz.com.bd was acquired by the Chinese Ecommerce giant company Alibaba. Daraz.com.bd offers many kinds of discount coupons, installment facilities, free delivery, and many other exciting offers that are how it has gained this much popularity. Here, you will also get a return policy within 7 days option so that you can easily return the product that you didn’t like. Daraz.com.bd has many payment options, including cash on delivery, Master card, VISA card, American Express, and Bkash. 


Shopoth.com is a new Ecommerce platform in Bangladesh. However, compared to other online shopping websites, it has many products. You will get almost everything on this site, from fashion products to grocery items. Shopoth.com is so user-friendly, and that is why anyone can easily purchase any product from this platform. Here, you will get all your needed products at a very attractive price, and the best part is that they always ensure assured delivery and excellent and hassle-free payment methods. You all know that there is huge competition among online shopping platforms nowadays. But considering this competition, Shopothl.com is in a very strong position by maintaining the products, services, payments methods, delivery systems, and many other facilities like these, and by doing all these things, they are considered in the top 8 Ecommerce sites in Bangladesh. 


Chaldal.com is a very renowned online platform for purchasing grocery items in Bangladesh. Here, they serve daily needed products, food, and grocery items at your doorstep. There are many working families in Bangladesh in which men and women both work. For this reason, they can’t manage time to buy daily need grocery and food items. Chaldal.com helps these people by serving needed products at their doorstep in a very short time. This online platform offers fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, rice, and all other daily products required, which are inevitable for our living. Besides this, they also offer home appliances, health, and beauty products. This Ecommerce site is very useful for working people because it saves their valuable time effort to buy these items. Sometimes, they also provide free home delivery by buying products worth a minimum amount and above. You will easily get their applications from Google Play Store and Appstore. 


If you are interested in books, you will love this website. Rokomari.com is the heaven of books in Bangladesh. You will get almost all types of books on this platform, and you can easily purchase them from your home. For doing so, it has become one of the most popular and reputed online shopping sites in Bangladesh. Their home delivery system is available in Dhaka, Chattogram, and Rangpur, and from anywhere in Bangladesh, you can easily purchase books by using different payment methods, including Bkash, Nagad, VISA card, Master Card, American Express, Rocket, and City Bank. Rokomari.com also provides a return and refund policy to return your products if you want and easily get your payment back. Another good thing about this platform is you can surprise your loved one by gifting books from this site very easily.


You have already known about many Ecommerce sites, and there are also some good sites like these, but Bikroy.com is slightly different from these. On this Ecommerce site, you can easily buy and sell your products. It is a massive online marketplace where you can buy and sell second-hand merchandise. It is mainly a customer-to-customer (C2C) platform. To sell products, you need to give an advertisement on Bikroy.com with all of your needed information and product details. After that, if you want to buy from there, you have to check out your preferred products and then contact its seller from the given information. Then you will directly talk to the seller and buy from him/her. The best part of this site is you will get almost everything at an affordable price. 


Othoba.com is a renowned Ecommerce platform that is a sister concern of Pran RFL Group. It was introduced in 2015 from which it helps customers to fulfill their day-to-day needs by utilizing digital devices and the internet. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of this platform. They have a particular live chat option by which customers can clear any query about anything regarding their shopping. Othoba.com is growing very rapidly as they provide vast diversity of apparel, beauty, furniture, and electronic products. Most of the time, they provide huge discounts on their products, and like all other Ecommerce sites, they deliver their products to the whole country and even in very local areas. 


Foodpada.com.bd is the ultimate place for food in Bangladesh at this moment. It satisfies your hunger and cravings for food. Think that you are hungry and don’t want to go outside to eat; at this time, the best option for you in Bangladesh is to order your food on Foodpanda.com.bd. Within a very short time, you will get your food at your doorstep. Here you will get all the reputed and best restaurants from where you can easily order your food. The best thing here is to choose your preferred restaurant as almost all restaurants are now registered on Foodpanda.com.bd. You can easily get your favorite restaurant’s food even staying in your home. Here, they also provide different promo codes and coupons by which you order food at a very lower price. Nowadays, considering food, Foodpanda.com.bd is the best and most popular Ecommerce site in Bangladesh.


Ajkerdeal.com is also a very popular ecommerce platform in Bangladesh, a sister concern of Bdjobs.com. It was launched in September 2011 and established an online marketplace for both sellers and buyers. The specialty of this ecommerce site is, here you will get good products at a very affordable price. Besides this, Ajkerdeal.com is very user-friendly, and the overall order process is very convenient. They also provide different payment methods and return and refund policies. Most of the time, you will get a cashback offer if you use Bkash as your payment method. 

In a nutshell

In recent years, online markets have become very competitive. They are trying to compete with one another by giving the best services. Some Ecommerce sites are not so good, and on the other hand, some of them are doing really good. In this article, we have given a brief insight into the 8 best Ecommerce sites in Bangladesh. We hope this article has significantly enriched your knowledge about this topic. Happy shopping. 

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