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9 Ways Being Convicted of a Felony Can Impact Your Life

A felony charge can greatly impact your life. It can make you serve several years in prison and make you spend thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. Unfortunately, even after all these, your life can be greatly changed. Here are some of the ways in which being convicted of a felony can impact your life. 

Housing Limitations

Finding a house of your choice can be difficult when you are convicted of a felony. Many landlords will perform background checks on anyone interested in buying or leasing their houses and may decide not to accept someone with a criminal record. Some convictions can also make you lose your eligibility for public housing programs.

Insurance Limitations

Applying for insurance, especially life insurance, can be difficult when you are convicted of a felony. This happens because some insurance providers see a felony as a high-risk, hence avoiding coverage for people convicted of it. However, some providers offer life insurance for convicted felons after doing some considerations. 

Licensing Suspension

Certain felony convictions can lead to your license being suspended. This is most common when you are charged with a vehicle-related offense. You may get your license back but be required to attend extensive driving courses. However, this might be difficult for repeat offenders. 

Financial Issues

A felony conviction can greatly affect your finances. You may spend a lot of money on fines and penalties. Also, you might spend a significant amount on legal representation, which can cause you financial issues. 

Additionally, getting a mortgage or financing can be extremely difficult. Financiers and loan providers will perform background checks, and when you find out that you have a criminal record, they might not approve your application. Also, since a felony conviction can make it difficult to get employment, your financial situation can be greatly affected. 

Difficulties Owning Firearms

Some felony convictions can deny you the right to own firearms. If you already have them, you may lose them. This is particularly common when you are convicted of a firearm-related felony. You might also not be allowed to visit a firing range. However, you may be able to get your firearms rights much later in some circumstances. 

Immigration Issues

A felony conviction can make your visa get canceled and cause other immigration issues. If you are a foreigner, you risk deportation. Also, you may face a lot of travel restrictions. Some countries have strong policies when it comes to admitting convicted people, which greatly limits where you can go or stay. 

Broken Relationships

Your personal relationships can be greatly affected when you are convicted of a felony. It can be very difficult to reconnect with friends and family. Some people may also not wish to be associated with you anymore. You may need a lot of time and patience to rebuild your relationships with others. 

Higher Education Issues

Some colleges may perform background checks on all their applicants. When you are convicted of a felony, it will be on your records, and some schools may deny you a spot. However, some schools will still accept you. Receiving college financial aid can be a problem when convicted of a felony. 

Difficulties Finding Employment

Finding employment after being convicted of a felony can be difficult. This is because the conviction will be in your records, and potential employers may shy away from employing you. Whenever you apply for a job, you may have to give answers regarding your conviction. It’s always good to give honest answers since some employers may consider hiring you.

Felony convictions can be life-changing. Whether the charges are related to drugs, violent crime, or white-collar crime, having a stain of a criminal record will largely impact your life. However, all is not lost. You just need to adapt to the new life and change some things whenever possible. 

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