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What Is GDN (Google Display Network) And How Can It Help Your Business?

Many marketers utilize GDN (Google Display Network) when it comes to advertising campaigns and projects. Despite the availability of numerous kinds of marketing tactics available today, many marketing specialists use this strategy since it’s considerably effective and provides a lot of exposure.

Though Google offers different types of marketing opportunities, it can sometimes be difficult to find a platform that is not thronged by other competing companies. In some industries, many established companies utilize superficial methods to advertise their products and it can be challenging to gain consumer interest when others are using the same marketing methods.

That’s why for others, GDN (Google Display Network) offers a more straightforward way of introducing your business to a larger yet more specific audience. For many starting businesses, this is a great visual introduction to those who may not have an idea about your company yet.

Defining Google Display Network

To put it simply, GDN (Google Display Network) is a collection of over 200 million websites or online platforms that display advertisements. It can reach 90% of internet users worldwide which means your advertisements campaigns can reach your target audience on a larger scale.

GDN (Google Display Network) can also be customized to specifically be displayed within your target market. They also offer different options of how you want your ads to be displayed based on consumer interests. This means your ads can be shown to people who would most likely fit your category of customers.

Since GDN (Google Display Network) offers a more visual platform unlike GSN (Google Search Network), marketers can be as creative as they want when it comes to making their ads more appealing to potential customers. Uploading your own Google display ads is quite easy but the most difficult part is finding a way to make them more appealing and striking to audiences.

You may also add headlines and descriptions that can give more insight into what your company offers. Costing depends on several factors such as the audience targeting methods you prefer, the industry you’re in, and how you want to display your ads. Google also allows you to set a budget so you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Defining Audience Targeting Methods

1. In-Market Audience Targeting

Using GDN (Google Display Network), this method targets audiences who are currently in the market looking for something that you are offering. So if you are a video game development company that might want to advertise their new game, you can choose to display your video game poster specifically to gamers, gaming enthusiasts, and the like.  

2. Remarketing

This method allows you to remarket your business to those who have previously shown interest or interacted with your company. So if a customer has already visited any of your online platforms, there is a tendency for them to see your advertisements again.

3. Affinity Audience Targeting

This type of method targets all the people who might potentially be interested in what you offer as a business. So if you’re hosting a sporting event that you want more people to learn about, this method allows your ads to appear to those who might be interested in fitness and sports.

4. Demographics Targeting

Using GDN (Google Display Network), this method targets audiences based on gender, age, social affiliations, etc. This is especially helpful if your company offers products and services to only a specific demographic that others cannot relate to.

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