A Complete Fashion Guide To Look Fab With True Religion Products

Even denim, which appears to be impenetrable, succumbs to the passage of time. Certain styles come in and out of favor over time, and despite the world coming to a halt due to a worldwide health catastrophe, denim fashions continue to adapt.

Skinny fits have been alternated with the 2000s-style bagginess, distressed jeans have gotten so holey that it has completely vanished, and high-rise waistlines have made a comeback after a decades-long absence. What, on the other hand, does the future hold for jeans? We look at some of the most prevalent denim patterns from the previous year to answer that question.

These would be the denim fads you need to learn about in 2022, from the evergreen stalwarts to the more dubious seasonal versions.

Stacked denim looks

Modern clothing still favors cropped and pin-rolled jeans. It’s easy to forget there was once another, longer way of doing things. However, it is set to return in 2022.

The resurgence of longer-leg, above-the-ankle jeans is emblematic of a significant shift in menswear. Denim with stacked legs is one way that styles popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s are making a comeback.

It’s quite simple, uncuff your jeans or invest in a pair that are a little longer. However, before attempting this, make sure your jeans fit properly. It’ll look glamorous with relaxed or regular-fit jeans, but not so much with narrow or slim jeans. Avoid anything excessively fitted or tight with the rest of your clothing because it will stand out against the looser-fitting legwear.

Classic blues for the win

Grey and black jeans have been renowned for a long time, but as we enter the new decade, their popularity is facing a downfall. Blue is making a comeback in a big way, and there are enough colors to cover almost any situation.

The popularity of mid-wash blue denim is growing, signaling a shift away from lighter stonewash designs. Raw blue denim is still a fantastic option, and it has the extra virtue of being smart enough for smart-casual occasions.

True Religion blue jeans go well with most casual outfits. Indigo denim has its origins in workwear and will always look fantastic with other pieces cut from the same cloth. You can’t go wrong with laid-back staples like flannel shirts, plain T-shirts, casual outerwear, and boots or shoes from the True Religion assortment of masterpieces.

Gradually increase the darkness if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated. Darker blues, such as raw indigo, go well with Oxford shirts, loafers, and Derby shoes, as well as delicate tailoring.

Work appropriate chic and glamour

The love of manual labor in menswear is nothing new. Along with sports and the military, it’s one of the most common sources of design inspiration for designers.

Jeans, as well as denim in general, have their origins in practical purposes. It was a cloth that blue-collar workers preferred because of its strong structure and durability. This season, however, it’s not just about the content. Workwear-inspired details like hammer loops and patch pockets have also made a surprising resurgence.

Meanwhile, denim chore coats are making a comeback. They’re also a little easier to style, which is a plus. Style this olive camo logo jacket by True Religion with a classic pair of jeans t-shirt to obtain a chic look.

Baggy jeans are in

The baggy look is back, and it’s not just for skateboarders and teenagers this time. Denim hasn’t escaped the trend of baggy fits, which can still be found anywhere, from tailoring to T-shirts.

In 2022, loose-fitting legwear will be everywhere, which will be a bitter pill to swallow for those of us who have spent the last decade living in slim-fit denim. However, big jeans by the best True Religion brand has their own set of advantages in terms of comfort, and when worn well, they can look fantastic.

The first thing to remember is that “baggy” does not equal “ill-fitting.” It’s entirely possible to appreciate a broader, looser leg without looking like a kid who raided their father’s closet. Everything else will fall into place if you get the fit right — mid-rise, snug in the waist, spacious in the thigh, with a minute taper from the knee to the ankle.

Again, don’t wear baggy pants with anything too tight or clingy. Instead, choose slouchy and casual tops that match the style of your favorite True Religion baggy jeans.

The perfection of slim fits 

Slim cuts are still famous in menswear, even though skintight silhouettes have all but vanished. It’s a classic fit that’s both flattering and versatile, so it’s well worth adding to your rotation (if it isn’t already).

Slim-fit jeans, not necessarily a trend, will always look nice, regardless of the year or season. Consider this look to be one of your wardrobe’s foundational elements. It’s simple, understated, and, perhaps most importantly, it won’t make you cringe ten years from now when you come across photos of yourself.

These True Religion dark blue geno slim-fit stretch jeans are the perfect example of the slim-fit jeans you need in your wardrobe.

Denim with a slim cut looks best when paired with other fitting pieces. Aside from that, you can style it in any way you like. Wear black with black leather Derby shoes and an Oxford shirt for a modish casual look. With a crew-neck sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers, you can dress it up or down.

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