Amsterdam in a Whole Different Perception – The A’DAM Tower, Amsterdam

The sunny terrace, the sparkling sky deck, the fully-equipped rooftop bar, and of course, the breathtaking scenery is ready for you. Read Amsterdam in a Whole Different Perception to explore more.


Amsterdam gained another biggest attraction: the A’DAM tower behind Amsterdam Central Station that adds to the city’s beauty, in mid-2016. You can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of historical buildings, “Over the Edge” swings, cocktail bars, and first-class restaurants, so there are many reasons to visit this hot spot.


An observation deck with unparalleled panoramic views of Amsterdam is the most beautiful sight. You can see the historical centre, the Dutch field’s unique landscape, the pulsating port, and discover the remarkable canals that belong to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most amazing place to travel in the whole world for everyone.

Complementing the experience is the latest interactive exhibition on the history and culture of Amsterdam. A’DAM LOOKOUT is located at the top of the A’DAM Tower in North Amsterdam.

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360º Sky Deck

A’DAM LOOKOUT offers you an unparalleled 360-degree panoramic view of Amsterdam and the surrounding area at the height of 100 meters. On the A’DAM tower’s top floor, you can see the historic city center, the famous canal, and the unique Dutch field landscape.

High edge Swing

Dadeville and the thrill-seekers went back and forth 100 meters above the city at the highest roundabout in Europe. Hang on your feet on the edge of the lookout and see how an adrenaline rush occurs in your veins, but most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the view.

Singing at the Carpark

The central theme of A’DAM Tower is music. It starts in the parking lot, and the walls are decorated with lyrics of famous lyrics. Visitors can guess which song each line belongs to. Every business in the tower is closely related to music. Guitar manufacturer Gibson (Gibson) moved its marketing department here, and ID&T and MassiveMusic have set up offices in Amsterdam. Wordplay- the name of the tower A’DAM is not only a widespread abbreviation for Amsterdam, but the letters also stand for Amsterdam dance and music.

The elevator experience

In this building, even using the elevator will become an experience! After 25 seconds of genuinely cool LED lighting and sound effects, visitors will find themselves on the top platform. The full view of the city can be seen while going up the elevator and enjoyed. You can visit Amsterdam With Turkish Airlines Reservations; they offer the best deals and discounts.

Interactive exhibition

Learn about the culture and history of Amsterdam in the indoor interactive exhibition. Point the different screens at the horizon to find out all the information about the city’s landmarks, or learn more about the concept of the A’DAM Tower and its residents.

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The lookout from the grandeur crown

From the viewing platform, you can look out over the canals, historic townhouses, and the Dutch capital port: the incomparable scenery of Amsterdam, even unfamiliar to many determined Amsterdamers. A relaxed “enhanced experience” with LED lighting and sound effects can bring visitors to the viewing platform in 25 seconds. The roof’s view is enhanced by interactive information pillars that provide detailed information about Amsterdam’s culture and history. Do you want to stare at the edge? Jump on the vast “Over the Edge” swing and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Literally!

Have Dinner with the city in the background

The revolving restaurant Moon is located on the 19th floor, where you can enjoy delicious food while admiring the city’s past. On the first floor above you, you will see a panoramic bar called Ma’ dam. This is an ideal place to drink a beautiful view. After 10 p.m., Amsterdam’s tallest bar turned into a lovely rhythm and the best DJ, becoming the most soaring club in town. Do you prefer “underground”? A’DAM’s basement has a nightclub Shelter, where you can dance.

Spend the night at Sir ADAM

You don’t even have to leave the tower when you sleep. After a sumptuous dinner and a night on the dance floor, return to the stylish guest room of Sir Adam, a luxurious urban boutique hotel. There is also The Butcher Social Club in the lobby on the first floor: this is a restaurant with a terrace on the river bank. Non-hotel guests can also receive 24/7 reception—an attractive space for locals and tourists.

Digital memory

You can take home your memories of going out – from spectacular photos that you can balance over the city to pictures and videos (during the day) swinging on the edges. After the visit, all images can be downloaded for free, and printed photos can be purchased at the exit. Visit Amsterdam by making American Airlines Reservations and enjoy the city’s superb view at the Adams Lookout on A’DAM tower. Hope you love “Amsterdam in Whole Different Perception”

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