Adept Technologies Computer Services, Howell Michigan

Who are we?

Adept Technologies is a band of brothers with a passion for computer repair. When it comes to anything I.T. we’re your guys. Find out more at our website: Adept Technologies, Computer Services, Howell Michigan.

Our Services:

Chances are if it’s computer related we’ll be able to help! Whether you’re a small or large business, or an individual we’re here!

Free Diagnostics: Diagnostics is always free.

House Calls/Visits

Pick Up & Delivery: Round trip; pick up and delivery of the unit.

Remote Support

Custom Computers

Software Repair

Hardware Repair

Hardware Upgrade

Virus Removal

Network Help

Unique Problem: If you don’t see your issue; if it’s I.T. related we can help! 

Supported Devices:

We’ll fix any windows machine of any brand. As of right on we do not repair Apple products.

Our Unique Line of Desktops:

When it comes to desktops, gaming or otherwise the Adept Technologies team has an eye for quality. We assemble top of the line desktops for our local customers. Does that sound good? Have a look: Adept Technologies’ Desktops. The AT-100 for example is a permier office desktop with some basic gaming capability. Starting at $549.00 (plus tax) this desktop features a powerful AMD APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). Specifically the AMD R5 4600G 3.7 GHz. The R5 4600G is a stunner; scoring over 16,000 PassMarks CPU (Central Processing Unit) Benchmarking. 

If you’re looking for something more gaming oriented check out or AT-200, AT-300, or even the AT-400. The AT-200 is a great starter gaming PC. Featuring a dedicated CPU, and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), this allows for even more processing power graphics or otherwise. With a Ryzen 5 5500 scoring well over 20,000 on PassMark’s scoring system. This CPU pairs very nicely with the EVGA GTX 1080. High processing power and no bottlenecking enables this machine to reach frames well over 100 in most modern games. Costing just $749.99 makes this a great medium gaming build!

The last PC I’ll be mentioning in this post is out AT-400 an abosulute unit of a machine. Housing an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 4.7GHz. This processer is unbelievable. Scoring 52,000 on PassMark’s scoring system. As of writing this article it is within the top 20 CPUs. A CPU of this calibre is virtually future proof. Let’s move on to the GPU. This desktop houses a mind boggling 4070 Ti. This GPU currently sites as the 5th best GPU availble to the public. A CPU and GPU pairing like this will undoubly run any game you may incounter. For reference here is some games and their performance with this hardware. 

Apex Legends: On ultra settings this configuration can achieve from 140.6 FPS up to 211.0 FPS, with average around 175.9 FPS.

Overwatch 2: On ultra settings this configuration can achieve from 185.8 FPS up to 278.6 FPS, with average around 232.2 FPS.

Valorant: On ultra settings this configuration can achieve from 264.1 FPS up to 396.2 FPS, with average around 330.2 FPS.

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