Amazon 2022 Holiday Strategies

Shopping events for Amazon are times when customers can search for and purchase certain products at great discounts. Such dates also bring in excellent opportunities for FBA sellers to increase sales. The holiday season is an ideal time to improve a brand’s image and visibility on Amazon. Amazon Prime Day is the best example.

However, Prime Day isn’t the only day when sellers get a one-of-a-kind opportunity to satisfy buyers and make money. Each year, Amazon spends a lot of effort promoting these holiday events. It’s only fair that sellers take advantage of every event to maximize sales.

So, what are the most effective ways and tools on Amazon that sellers can use during these holidays to market their products and increase profits?

Let’s find out!

1.  Amazon Stores

Amazon stores can be super fun to use. They are customized landing pages for sellers that have registered their brands with Amazon. You can easily open your separate store on the platform to showcase your unique products.

This is an amazing spot to direct your Amazon customers at. Furthermore, it simplifies the interaction between sellers and buyers. How? You can follow the following tips:

·         To help others recognize your brand, create and advertise a custom URL.

·         Make sure to share your brand story with personalized content.

·         Create a channel to directly communicate with your customers.

2.  Offer lightning deals

Lightning deals are very useful during these important Amazon dates. These are exclusive offers for your customers that are only available for a short time.

On the “Today’s Deals” page, you’ll find lightning deals. You can normally offer lightning deals whenever you want, however, certain sellers wait till the holiday season to offer lightning deals for their customers.

Lighting deals allow shoppers to take advantage of amazing deals that are offered for a limited time. It’s also a great tool that sellers can use to promote their products and attract more audiences.

However, there’s a condition for using this tool. Only sellers with a minimum of 3.5-star rating can take advantage of Lightning Deals. Make sure to get maximum ratings to open up this feature for yourself. Also, make sure to work on your repricing strategy to offer the best product prices so that your deals stand out the most.

3.  Ad campaigns

Sponsored ads are the best way for brands to increase awareness on Amazon. Such ads are known as CPC (cost per click) advertisements that appear in search results and listings.

You get to choose between the three options given by Amazon for sponsored ads:

1.   Sponsored Displays are the ads that can be featured on the marketplace as well as on other websites. They can be used in your store or on social media platforms.

2.   Sponsored Product ads are very simple to create, and automatically target the audience that has been looking for products that are similar to the ones you sell.

3.   Sponsored Brands are the best if you want your customers to see multiple products that you offer on a single CPC ad. It’s the ideal tool to use if you want to stand out from the crowd, and attract more customers to your listings.

Sponsored advertisements draw attention to certain products and intrigue customers to notice them. If a customer sees your ad on Amazon, he can click on it to learn more about the product and eventually purchase it.

4.  Connect with Influencers

If you want to have maximum sales during the holiday season, then relying solely on advertisements won’t do. While advertisements can get your attention, some of the customers don’t even notice them or prefer skipping them. They’d much rather rely on suggestions coming from a reliable source. This is where the ‘getting in touch with influencers’ strategy comes into play.

Influencer marketing is connecting with social media bloggers, celebrities, and stars and asking them to promote your products. Collaborate with well-known influencers to attract an audience to your listings.

Customers these days trust influencers more than anything and this is the best model to indirectly reach out to people. Such influencers have the power to engage a large number of users and ask them to choose you over other sellers. Yes, they can charge you a little more than ordinary advertisements but they are quite effective too.

5.  Work on SEO

More visibility equals more sales. Amazon sellers strive to appear at the top of the search engine to get maximum sales on the platform. An SEO strategy is exactly what you need to get to the top.

SEO is a straightforward concept. It’s all about using the right keywords to optimize your listings.

Here is what you must concentrate on:

Backend keywords: These are the relevant keywords that you use within those listings and are ‘hidden’. Sellers can also add them to your Seller Central to increase your exposure even more.

Long-tail terms: They are longer, detailed keywords that are ideal for attracting niche customers to your listings.

Frontend keywords: These are the most popular keywords that buyers use to search similar products like yours on Amazon.

Make you use high-ranking keywords in your content, title, and description. However, don’t overdo it so that customers don’t find the keywords bothersome, or don’t relate with your content just because of them.


You can offer as many deals and discounts you want during the holiday season, but make sure to get your basics right. Work on your SEO, advertise correctly, and use the most effective repricing strategy to offer the most competitive prices to draw the attention of the customers. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday season yourself!

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