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NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) in Occupational Health & Safety

Read about courses offered by NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety. Best Guide for all Beginners.


NEBOSH is a UK primarily based awarding frame authorized utilizing Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Accreditation and managed via OFQUAL UK operating more than 30 years in Occupational Health Safety & Environment Field. NEBOSH gives Awards (Health Safety at Work), Certifications (International General Certificate), and Diploma’s (NEBOSH International Diploma) qualifications within the subject of Health Safety & Environment, which might be extensively common globally. More Detail about awesome guides furnished using NEBOSH may be visible at the NEBOSH internet site www.nebosh.org.united kingdom.

What Course is NEBOSH IGC?

The NEBOSH (IGC) International General Certificate diploma three is a certificate in Occupational Health Safety & Environment discipline. The NEBOSH International General Certificate covers various administrative center risks and techniques to manage. It includes worldwide standards for protection and health management, consisting of International Labour Organisation codes of exercise. Local laws and cultural factors also can form a part of the look at relevant and suitable software programs.

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How Many Exams are there inside the NEBOSH IGC direction?

 NEBOSH (IGC) International General Certificate in Occupational Health Safety & Environment course has three exams; each examination has 100 marks. Two assessments out of 3 assessments are written, which behavior via the British Council. Candidate needs to charge forty-5 % Marks to pass the written exam interior hours. The zero.33 tests are a practical assessment written record that the candidate should put together inside the chosen administrative center. To bypass the 0.33 examination, the candidate desires to rate 60% marks. More Detail on assessments may be seen by way of visiting the video on our YouTube channel.

Who needs to do the NEBOSH IGC Course?

NEBOSH (IGC) International General Certificate is an appropriate qualification for all folks that want to start their profession within the vicinity of Occupational Health and Safety. Mainly this route is for:

Health and Safety Practitioners 

Health and Safety Managers 

Fresh Engineers /Graduates 

Managers /Supervisors/ Staff 

Safety Officers 


What are the advantages of the NEBOSH IGC Course?

Upon passing the NEBOSH (IGC) International General certificates, you may get a mission fast as Health Safety Officer as a lot as Manager level in Local and global marketplace together within Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iraq and anywhere inside the global inside the creation in addition to considerable enterprise including:

Oil and Gas industries 

Construction area 

Manufacturing and Engineering industries 

Beverages Industries 

Hotel sectors 

Textile Industries 

Chemical and Fertilizer Industries 

Education and Training Center 

Mining Industries &

General Industries  

What are the Course Contents for NEBOSH IGC?

NEBOSH International General Certification consists of 3 tests, which IGC 1, GC2, GC3. Their contents are as following:

Element 1.1: Foundations of Health and Safety 

Element 1.Three: Health and Safety Management Systems 2 – Do 

Element 1.Four: Health and Safety Management Systems three – Check 

Element 1.Five: Health and Safety Management Systems 4 – Act

Unit GC2: Controlling Workplace Hazards 

Element 2.1: Workplace Hazards and Risk Control 

Element 2.2: Transport Hazards and Risk Control  

Element 2.Three: Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control  

Element 2.Four: Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control  

Element 2.7: Electrical Safety 

Element 2.8: Fire Safety

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What is the Eligibility Criteria for NEBOSH IGC?

 IEHSAS’s workplace to offer an English evaluation in advance than venturing the qualification. This assessment will embody the candidates’ writing, analyzing, and speaking skills to assist him in apprehending the NEBOSH International General Certificate syllabus requirement and applicants’ scalability requirements in English.

The latest English required with the aid of applicants studying for the NEBOSH International General Certificate needs to be such that they might apprehend and articulate the syllabus’s ideas. Any candidate desires to undertake this qualification must benefit a minimum well known of English identical to an International English Language Testing System rating of 6. Zero or higher in IELTS checks to be not unusual onto an International General Certificate application. For additional records, please see the IELTS Handbook’s modern-day model or seek recommendations from the IELTS website: http://www.Ielts.Org/establishments/test_format_and_results.Aspx Candidates wishing to assess their language know-how may additionally seek advice from the IELTS internet site for facts on taking the take a look at http://www.Ielts.Org/faqs.Aspx.

How many hours do I need to look at to skip the NEBOSH IGC tests?

You skip the NEBOSH International General Certificate; it is recommended that the candidate prepare the syllabus to take lessons and personal checks. The endorsed look at hours for education and faraway areas:

For IGC1 unit 

Minimum Tuition Study Hours: 36

Minimum Private Study Hours: 23

For GC2 unit 

Minimum Tuition Study Hours: 40 

Minimum Private Study Hours: 26

For GC3

Minimum Tuition study Hours: 2

Recommended Private study Hours: four

How can I Pass the NEBOSH IGC Exams?

At IEHSAS, we can provide you with the awesome steerage and hints with checks tackling strategies to bypass NEBOSH IGC valued qualification in occupational health and safety. IEHSAS, with its particular, certified foreign places college with in-depth countrywide and global practical revel in Occupational Health Safety & Environment situation, will boosts you with expertise and abilities vital required to bypass NEBOSH IGC exams. 

Our training technique for NEBOSH (IGC) International General Certificate gives as a minimum of weeks of examine room training have a observe to look at an assessment session after the syllabus’s very last contact. Our expert tutors could observe and compare our applicants’ performance every day and guide them consistent with their debts. We, no longer the maximum sincere, provide the appropriate education choice to skip the NEBOSH IGC exam and offer a useful guideline to find a manner inside the National and International Market in the occupational Health Safety & Environment vicinity. Many of our NEBOSH exceeded our graduate is working at proper positions in Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Turkey, South Africa, South Korea, etc. 

What grades may be acquired in a NEBOSH IGC route?

Pass one hundred fifty – 179 marks

Credit a hundred 80 – 209 marks

Distinction 210 marks or more

What is subsequent after passing the NEBOSH IGC Course?

 Candidate can collect an exclusive NEBOSH certificate together with NEBOSH IOGC, NEBOSH ICC, NEBOSH IFC of a similar diploma, or candidates can practice for the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.


Passing NEBOSH (IGC) International General Certificate will satisfy the requirement of Associate Member of IOSH, and the certificate is likewise modern-day for a top-notch club our bodies.

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