An easy-to-assemble shadow box can be made using a Cricut

A box frame is a typical sight in many homes. You’re a thoughtful gift that’s easy to personalise and a great way to commemorate a milestone. A free template and instructions for making a cricutine shading box are included below. If you have an idea of what you want your end product to look like, Cricut’s shadow boxes are easy to construct. If not everything, at least have a basic sense of what you want to cover. When using the Cricut, you may design personalised gifts that appear to be both efficient and straightforward to put together.

Making a Shadow Box using Paper Cuts

Select two squares in the Cricut Design Space. Slicing a square will reduce its size somewhat, leaving you a square frame. There are several layers to this construction and this is what keeps them all in place. Your goal is to increase it multiple times. After that, start capturing photos. Ungrouping an image like the rainbow, which has multiple layers, can be used to remove features that you don’t want in your final result. By breaking it up, you may get rid of any extraneous details. If you want to get free cricut lantern template, please visit our website.

Star-Spangled Clouds Can Be Created

Using these cloud shapes, you may build a starry cloud backdrop. It is possible to utilise squares to build a corner and the edges of a structure. The next step is to select a star from the form’s left side to generate a big number of them. If you want to keep things interesting, you can resize the images. Now is the moment to make sure the stars are pleased with their position above the clouds. Weaving all the stars together will allow you to modify the clouds. After being fused together, this tool slides over your image and separates the stars from the clouds. To get the smaller stars, start with a top bar flip and then move to the bottom corner of the screen. The square appearance was completed with the use of welding. Each layer of paper should be done this way. Slide one image over the other to ensure that no other images are overshadowed so that the photos in your Cricut shadow box are appropriately placed.

The Cricut machine may be used to make shadow boxes.

You must choose the colours you want to use for each level before cutting your photographs. Adding colour to graphics in graphic design is, in my opinion, a wise move. In order to have your goods cut by a professional, this is essential. It is important to lay each section down sequentially, so that the images are all the same, and then link them together. They’re still cutting by hand, but this method makes it easier to get the right size. Look for a shadow box with a lip that extends over the glass when sizing it. A square paper frame is hidden from view so that you can accurately measure your cut. ‘ Click to cut when you’re satisfied with the size. For your Cricut nursery shadow image, you may also choose to cut out a bottom square.

Developing a Paper-Cutting Strategy

It’s time to stock up on supplies and get chopping. Sticky dots or pads can be used to build the picture initially. Adding layers one by one will help you complete your Nursery Shadow box.


You can either construct a paper frame from the example set’s box design or buy a pre-made frame to display it in. In order to frame your own shadow design, you can use one of two methods. Face down the shadow box’s interior in the display frame by flipping it over and removing your back. Cut it off, fold the box’s edges, and glue or tape the box’s sides together to form a box. The packaging is made up of two pieces that are sandwiched together.


If you use a display structure to mount your shadow box, you can use LEDs with reverse light to better highlight it and reveal all of its nuances. It’s also possible that some people only use fairy lights. The LED light stripe is an excellent choice for my needs. They’ll be buried under your cardstock in any case. To ensure an even dispersion of light, I usually wrap my LED light strips around the frame’s outer edge. Cut a small hole in the cable frame if you need to suspend your wire from a corner. Make sure the back of the frame is put back together and then attach the light.

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