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Changing homes can be fun but with kids, it’s not easy. But this ultimate Guide to Moving With Toddlers can actually help everyone.


Changing homes can be fun, and in some cultures, people do it more than several times in their lives. What all of them have in common is that everyone finds relocation with kids to be a challenge. Kids need our attention round-the-clock, so organizing a move to a new home without someone helping you is practically impossible. This is why we have made this ultimate guide to moving with toddlers for you to have at hand when the time comes for you to change your home.

Where to start?

Every successful relocation starts with a good plan. So, once you decide it is time for your family to leave your current home and relocate to the new one, you should start making a plan right away. As soon as you find the new place, start looking for a moving crew who can help you get all of your possessions there. Ensure you contact Easy Move KW promptly and book them for when it suits you best. 

Think about all the services you might need from them. Movers usually offer packing, loading, and unpacking services as well. If you think you won’t pack all of your possessions by yourself, maybe you should pay the professionals to do it. They pack and unpack things every single day so that they will do it rather quickly, and you will have more time to spend with your family.


A moving plan with post-it notes.

Prepare your toddler for this change.

Toddlers can react to the change of the environment even when you don’t expect them to. It is quite probable that they will object to leaving their current room and the entire home and accepting the new place, especially if this is the first relocation they can remember. However, keeping secrets from your toddlers will help neither one of you. When they find out that your family is moving, they will feel sad, betrayed, or even depressed. They might find it difficult to trust you afterward.

Our advice to you is – be honest and open about everything that is happening. Your toddler might be sad when they receive the news for the first time, but they will learn to accept your choice as the days go by. Of course, they must feel your love and support every step of the way. Be there for them when they are sad and try to highlight the benefits of your upcoming relocation. For instance, if your kid’s room in the new house is bigger than the current one, use that to your advantage – that means more room for toys and games.

Include your toddler in the moving process

Remember, happy families, do things together. By letting your kid participate in this relocation, they might find it easier to adapt to the new situation. Toddlers like imitating grown-ups, so they will be excited when you ask them for a helping hand. Here are some of the activities they can participate in:

  • Decluttering process – before you start packing, you should get rid of the stuff you no longer need. Ask your kid to do the same with their toys. Throw away everything that is damaged and let them decide who should inherit their old and outgrown toys.
  • Packing stuff – your toddler might not be interested in packing their clothes for the move, but they will probably like to do it with toys.
  • After your kid’s possessions are packed and the boxes sealed, you can even let your kid draw on them. That way, their boxes will be recognizable when the time comes for unpacking.
Kids packing stuff with their mom -The Ultimate Guide to Moving With Toddlers

Prepare the essentials box for your toddler.

Not everything can be unpacked at once in your new home. That is why you need to prepare a box or a bag holding the most necessary items for you and your toddler. This is one of the most useful preparation tips for moving house. You will also need some stuff for the road, so here is what you should have at hand:

  • your child’s favorite toy (or a few of them) will definitely make moving with toddlers easier;
  • a book from which you read your children their bedtime stories;
  • two or three outfits and pajamas for your kid;
  • water, food, and snacks for the road and the first day at your new home;
  • if your kid is taking any meds, make sure you pack those too;
  • first aid kit – just in case;
  • your kid’s medical documents


How to keep your kid entertained during the move?

If you let your toddler have some screen time during the day, make sure you have your charger at hand. Letting them watch their favorite cartoon or play an age-appropriate game can save you many nerves on moving day. Their favorite toy is always welcome too! While on the road, you should take breaks more often than you would if you were moving alone.

Get all the help you can get

By this, we don’t only mean hiring movers to relocate your possessions. Having someone who can keep an eye on your active toddler while you do all sorts of moving errands is priceless. Family members, friends, or babysitters are options to choose from. While you are buying boxes or trying to pack wisely and save space, a family member can take your kid to the park, their favorite playground, or zoo. We are sure they will have a great time together!

When you get to your new home

If you want your new place to feel like home, you should get a welcome gift for your kid and place it in their room. They will probably remember that moment for the rest of their lives.

A robot made of a cardboard box.

Even though you will have many things to do in your new home, you should try to devote time to your kid and make sure they feel comfortable. You can unpack their toys together and be creative with leftover cardboard boxes. Make robots, dinosaurs, dolls, or encourage your kid to draw on them.

We hope you find this ultimate guide to moving with toddlers useful. Save it for your future reference and have fun relocating!

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