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Apply for Online Marriage in Pakistan:

 If you wish to apply for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan & procedure of Online Marriage in Pakistan is not a very difficult. A mere filing of appeal against the order passed by the Trial Court did not put any embargo upon Trial Court from conducting further proceedings in the main case of online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan.

High Court:

 High Court declined to transfer (guardian) application to any other court. The application was dismissed in the circumstances.” The applicant had not taken any valid and compelling ground for the transfer of suit. Such a plea could not be a ground for transfer of claim. High Court dismissed transfer application n circumstances Court under proviso to R.6 of West Pakistan Family Courts Rules, 1965, was to consider the inconvenience of wife involved in the suit.


Though presently residing at place ‘N,’ Husband was permanently resident of area K. Distance Between place ‘K’ and ‘N’ was more than 150 Km. the applicant was to travel the distance, which was a journey of 2 to 4 hours. Marriage of parties was solemnized at place K; given the inconvenience of the applicant, the suit filed by husband at site ‘N’ Stood transferred to the Court at home K’ Where claims of the applicant (wife) were pending adjudication on online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan.

Guardian Application:

Applicants had sought transfer of Guardianship Application pending before the Court at the place and family case pending before the Court of family Judge D to place K. Respondent despite notices, had not turned up to oppose the grant of the request for transfer of cases which otherwise seemed to be reasonable; and to avoid inconvenience to applicants and her two minor daughters reported to be living at K. Both the transfer applications were granted.

Court Marriage in Pakistan:

Family suit on online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan pending before the family court was transferred to the family court K so that it could be preceded along with family suit instituted by the applicant. The guardianship Application was also transferred to the same family court for its disposal according to law. The family court was already trying the applicant’s suit at place J’. In contrast, the respondent filed a claim for restitution of conjugal rights later on in the Court at place K.

Resident Area:

Applicant was not only the resident of the area, but the marriage also had taken place at that place which assertions of the applicant remained unrebutted. Considering said aspects, transfer of the respondent’s suit from the family court at home “where the family court was already seized of the applicant’s suit would serve the ends of justice on online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan. Suit restitution of conjugal rights was ordered by the family court to be transferred to the court place ‘J,’ where the suit filed by the applicant was pending.

The transferee court would try both cases together, proceeding expeditiously and deciding the matter by law after notice to the respondent. It could avoid conflicting findings on such questions if it heard both the suits and decided by the same Court for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan. The applicant being male and the respondent a female, wife deserved to be accommodated in preference to the applicant husband.

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