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At Home Laser Hair removal – How to use my IPL device to its fullest


Our legs and the bikini line are reminders that it is has been months since we scheduled a waxing appointment. Of course, hair removal is a completely personal decision, and for all of those who want to go nude, now would be the ideal time to think about buying an at-home IPL hair removal machine, especially since beauty salons may still be closed.

It makes financial sense as well; we would generally pay roughly $30 for a waxing treatment, so an at-home gadget would be paid for in five visits. Plus, the effects linger a lot longer.

What is an at-home IPL removal of hair and how does it work?

IPL (aka intense pulsed light) emits short bursts of light, that light is then absorbed by a darker pigment (known as melanin) inside the hair roots. The light passes through the hairline and leads the bulb to coagulate (harden), preventing the hair from regrowing.

Is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) the same as at-home laser for hair removal?

It is not the same. For understandable reasons, there really is no such machine as laser hair removal at home. Laser hair removal, which uses a more intense laser source on a more specific region to achieve permanent effects, is a professional technique rather than an at-home one.

Lasers concentrate one single beam of light on a narrow area, killing the hair bulb and stopping future hair growth. Because the follicle is latent rather than permanently eliminated, an IPL device generates numerous laser pulses to cover a broader region and must be done once or sometimes twice a year. Laser hair removal is a much more painful therapy that must be performed by a certified specialist.

What skin types can benefit from IPL hair removal?

An IPL device can be used on a variety of skin colors and hair colors. IPL is most effective on those whose hair color differs from their skin tone. IPL might not be right for you if you are light and blonde, and if you have darker skin tone and black hair. IPL is best for people with pale to moderate skin tone and darker hair. The quantity of energy that light produces required for the machine to perform is determined by the color of your skin.

Is it possible to use IPL hair removal on hair that is red?

Because red hair has less pigmentation for the machine to target, IPL is not recommended for redheads.

How does it make you feel? Is IPL painful?

A common question is, is it painful? No, it does not hurt you; instead, it causes a warm feeling and a mild stinging feeling on the region you’ve treated with the flash and this can last for a short time afterward.

How to use an IPL device at home?

We will explain on how to use the laser Bareskin device. Make sure the treatment window is in complete and direct contact with the skin by placing it on the affected region. If it isn’t placed correctly, the light flashes will not start. This is a safety measure that prevents you from accidentally flashing it in the eyes or on locations you did not intend to treat. Press the start button to pulse one light flash for tiny areas like the top lip or the armpits, then proceed to the next location and repeat. Use the glide feature for wider regions, which produces faster continuous flashes.

How long does it take to get treated with an IPL?

It can take 90 seconds for the treatment of your underarms. For legs, it may take up to 15 minutes, and for both arms, this is can take usually around five minutes.
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