Balloon Decoration Ideas at Home

One of the stages of planning a perfect party is decorating the room where you’re going to celebrate. There are many options that can help you completely transform the premises, and pop-up balloons are one of the most wanted! They will help you quickly and easily create a stunning festive atmosphere. Such decor is inexpensive and always looks spectacular!

Moreover, you don’t need to hire designers to decorate your party with balloons — you can easily do it yourself with the help of your relatives and friends. Just order some high-quality branded balloons online and check out this article where we will share with you the top balloon decoration ideas at home!

Ice cream cones

This is a great idea for a summer party decoration, perfect for beautifying a festive table or a candy bar!

Prepare balloons of different colors and inflate them (it is better to use helium to make your ice cream cones float in the air). On the second stage, you need to take thick paper and make cones for your ice cream.

Attach cones to the balloons with double-sided tape — now it’s time to serve the ice cream!


When summer comes, we enjoy growing fruits and berries on bushes and trees. With this décor idea, you can enjoy such things at your parties all year round!

Prepare burgundy balloons and fill them with air. Then, take the green paper and cut out cherry tails with leaves (try to create different shapes to make your décor look more natural and interesting). Now, all you have to do is attach the leaves to the cherries with double-sided tape and hang them under the ceiling, on cornices and furniture, or trees in your garden.


Creating this delicate centerpiece is very simple, just follow our instructions:

  • take white balls, you can also add light blue items to them
  • inflate all balloons with helium
  • prepare pieces of fishing line of different lengths
  • cut out droplets from multi-colored paper and glue them to pieces of a fishing line using ordinary adhesive tape or glue
  • fix the balls to each other with double-sided tape, then tape a piece of fishing line to each ball
  • now, just release your cloud to the ceiling and enjoy the eye-catching decor

Balloons with photos

This is a very popular decor option that is perfect for any party, but especially for weddings and birthdays. You can make it in just half an hour:

  • take the best photographs
  • fill the balloons with helium (you can use the identical balloons or items of different sizes and colors)
  • tie pieces of thin rope of different lengths to their necks (so your décor will look even more fascinating)
  • now, just tape a photo to the end of each rope and launch your balls up to the ceiling in the most prominent place!

By the way, this decoration can become a great background for your photoshoot!

Balloon garlands

Garlands look very festive and bright and allow you to quickly and beautifully decorate a large area of ​​the room. There are many ways to create them, but here we will show you the simplest one:

  • fill balloons of different colors with air and securely tie their necks
  • thread a needle with a long thread through the tail of each ball (the more balls you have, the denser your garland will look)
  • now, you just need to hang your garland somewhere above the front door, your festive table, or on the stairs!


This idea is perfect for Halloween, but you can add these cute ghosts to your kid’s party decor, too.

Take white balloons of different sizes, fill them with helium, draw funny faces on them, wrap them with white tulle and tie a long ribbon at the bottom of each balloon.

Then, tie these ribbons to immovable objects somewhere in a dark corner of the room, decorate the place with LED garlands, then turn them on and scare the hell out of your guests!                                                                          

Splashes of paint

Paint-splattered balloons are another eye-catching option for a modern celebration! Depending on the paint color you choose, you can get subtle or bolder décor.

Try pastels with gold for a romantic vibe, or experiment with all the colors of the rainbow for a kid’s party!

Table and candy bar decor

Balloons on stands are a trendy option that will help you decorate the whole dining area and won’t take up much space.

If you cover the balls with tulle or chiffon and fasten the fabric with beautiful bows or butterflies, your table decor will look extremely impressive! After the party, guests can take the balloons with them as a keepsake!

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