The Benefits of Display Ads to Your Business

If you’ve thought about using display ads for your business, you may be wondering how they work. In this article, you’ll discover how they can improve brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and retarget potential customers. You’ll also learn about the cost-effectiveness of this type of advertising..

Increased brand awareness

If you’re interested in increasing brand awareness, display advertising is a great way to do so. Many marketers think of brand awareness as the first step in the marketing funnel, where they cast a wide net and hope to attract interest to start the buying process. This type of advertising can boost brand equity and more repeat business.

The cost of running an advertising campaign depends on the audience you want to reach and how many impressions you’d like to spend. While cost-per-impression is an essential factor in any campaign, a more targeted approach can result in more images and higher conversion rates. In addition, increased brand awareness from display ads for your business can boost sales, uncover new business opportunities and illuminate fresh target insights. However, before launching a campaign, it’s essential to decide what works best for your business and how to go about it.

Increased website traffic

Many website owners and marketers share the same goal: increasing website traffic. After all, your website is your storefront, and visitors can learn about your offerings, trust your brand, and become customers and leads. Display ads allow you to reach more customers and leads, but how do you choose the best ones? Here are a few tips for driving more website traffic. First, keep reading to find out how to get started. Then, you can optimize your display ads to attract more customers.

Social media platforms are another effective way to drive website traffic. Use social media to post the same content you have on your website. Use social media to promote sales, and use Pinterest’s Pinoculars for retargeting visitors. And don’t forget about Snapchat, which has over 190 million daily users. You can use your display ads to target this younger demographic. Make sure people are clicking through to read the content on your website.

Retargeting potential customers

Retargeting potential customers for your business effectively reminds visitors to revisit your site and make sales. You can segment your audience based on where they have come from, their interests, and what they’re looking for. For example, you can customize your ads to show only visitors if you’re targeting a specific demographic. You can also set up lists and use pixel-based audience collection for targeted marketing.

Retargeting works in any industry and targets visitors who have previously visited your website. A study conducted by an online fashion retail chain found that a company can increase conversion rates by 66% through retargeting ads. For smaller businesses, remarketing can be a valuable marketing tool.


The primary purpose of a marketing campaign is to generate more sales, but how do you measure its cost-effectiveness? One way is by determining how well they convert. Display ads on Google, for example, have an excellent track record of increasing company revenue. In addition, studies have shown that people who click on a digital ad are 50 percent more likely to purchase in the future. This could mean significant growth for your business.

First, you must determine your display ads’ exact KPIs and objectives. These KPIs can be as varied as awareness, conversion, or impact. For example, awareness KPIs can include unique reach, video completion rates, landing page views, brochure downloads, and time spent on site. Conversion-related goals should be included at the bottom of the funnel. The cost-effectiveness of display ads depends on how well your campaign aligns with your KPIs.

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