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Running a business is hard, you know, and most entrepreneurs are happy to accept that fact, but the reality can still drive you crazy.

Think about it: Amazon has been in business for over two decades, and it hasn’t been that profitable.

Although investors have a strong love for the company. But there is almost no net profit. Meanwhile, expanded service, free shipping, search for new business. And add more products According to an article by Megan Clark and Angelo Young at, the online retail giant recently reported $17 billion in revenue but a $41 million loss.

Meanwhile, Twitter is something everyone uses and its future is uncertain. (Wait for the ad model to work.) In 2011, Sprint Nextel, AMR, Sears and MGM all lost money, according to Rick Aristotle Munnarriz of Daily Finance. Click here landing page for more information.

Why are we talking about a losing company here? How does this relate to blogs and landing pages? Now it is a big company. They have attractive share prices and investors love them. But these companies rarely make money. What can small businesses do? How can a small business hope to make a sustainable profit in this situation?

Even if there is no magic formula but good advice is “Keep costs low and live smart” Optimizing resources for lean business Giants can’t adapt quickly, but you can! Use content and digital marketing to your advantage. Use blogs with landing pages.

This is why it is a deadly combination compared to other free and paid options.

PPC + Landing Pages work but are expensive.

Phil Frost of MainStreet ROI explains why AdWords can be expensive for your business.

Don’t get me wrong. PPC is simple, fast and effective. This is more targeted advertising and lower risk than other paid channels. Or very traditional advertising you just need to know how to do it right.

Phil points out that the default AdWords settings are designed to waste money. Second, not all businesses understand how AdWords works and don’t go beyond placing a simple ad on the AdWords homepage. Third, most companies do not have a framework. or a checklist for working with AdWords. Finally, organizations don’t always track clicks from campaigns to see if they’re meeting their business goals. (if they have already clearly defined)

There’s a lot at stake here. If you have the budget, you can definitely do PPC landing pages, however, it’s not as easy as you once thought. You will begin to segment. Geotargeting Add and remove keywords Create ad text, lists and text matches. Then you need to optimize your landing page, test it regularly. Then get back to working on your ads.

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