Best neighbourhoods in Calgary

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Elbow Park

The park’s beauty is its main draw. The Elbow River neighbourhood offers a peaceful getaway from city life with lush vegetation and towering trees. There are various places to interact with nature, from strolling along the river route to having a family picnic at one of the parks.

But Elbow Park is about community as much as natural beauty. The neighbourhood is close-knit and active in social and recreational activities. From community clean-ups to potlucks and block celebrations, Elbow Park consistently pulls people together. This close-knit community atmosphere gives inhabitants a sense of belonging and pride, making it a great place to live.

Elbow Park is one of Calgary’s top neighbourhoods due to its natural beauty, strong community, and availability of facilities. Elbow Park School and Rideau Park School are well regarded, making the region excellent for families. Residents also have easy access to fashionable stores, cosy cafés, and gourmet restaurants.

Elbow Park is heaven for energetic people. Tennis courts, playgrounds, and sports fields allow inhabitants of all ages to exercise and have fun in the neighbourhood. With its closeness to the Elbow River and neighbouring parks, outdoor enthusiasts may kayak, paddleboard, and cycle, making Elbow Park never dull.

Beyond its attractions, Elbow Park’s rich history provides charm and character. Since the early 20th century, the neighbourhood has seen everything from charming heritage homes to new wonders. Walking through the tree-lined alleys, it’s easy to envisage Elbow Park’s early days, which lends depth and fascination to the community.

In recent years, Elbow Park has been recognised for its beauty, facilities, and tenacity in the face of danger. Many properties were damaged by 2013 floods in the neighbourhood. Elbow Park’s spirit prevailed as people rallied to restore their cherished town stronger than ever. Resilience and camaraderie show why Elbow Park is one of Calgary’s greatest neighbourhoods.


Britannia charms residents and visitors with its heritage, tree-lined lanes, and large properties. A 1950s development, this neighbourhood has gently changed while retaining its classic beauty. Its great position along the Elbow River offers picturesque walking pathways and stunning vistas, adding to its appeal.

Britannia’s real estate landscape is distinctive. Britannia has premium estates and sophisticated architectural marvels to suit all interests. Beautifully planted houses and well-maintained residences give the neighbourhood a sophisticated charm.

Britannia’s features make it one of Calgary’s top neighbourhoods beyond its aesthetics. Several upmarket retailers, cafés, and restaurants are located at Britannia Plaza. Residents may dine out, browse for fashionable clothes, or wander through the plaza’s picturesque surroundings.

Britannia’s commercial services and numerous top schools make it a perfect choice for families seeking superior education. Britannia’s closeness to excellent public and private schools boosts its attractiveness to families.

Britannia’s closeness to downtown Calgary is another draw. Residents have easy access to jobs, culture, and entertainment with a short commute to the city centre. Britannia is a great area to live because of its excellent blend of urban and suburban convenience.

Preservation of the neighborhood’s natural beauty and green areas boosts its appeal. Residents may picnic, exercise, or just relax in the area’s many parks and green areas. Britannia Slopes and Riverdale Park offer year-round outdoor leisure to keep inhabitants healthy and connected to nature.

Another reason Britannia is one of Calgary’s greatest neighbourhoods is its strong community. Residents are proud of their neighbourhood and participate in community activities. Britannia residents feel a distinct feeling of connection at neighbourhood block parties, charity fundraisers, and community clean-up days.

Residents of Britannia value safety and security due to low crime rates and aggressive community policing. Britannia’s secure atmosphere gives families and individuals peace of mind.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is elegant and sophisticated with its tree-lined avenues and beautiful buildings. Many of the neighborhood’s residences date back to the early 20th century and feature Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Arts and Crafts architecture. Each house has a story, giving the neighbourhood character and charm.

Residents of Mount Royal enjoy an unmatched quality of life beyond its beauty. The neighbourhood is known for its proximity to downtown Calgary, which offers shopping, restaurants, and cultural activities. Residents can enjoy metropolitan conveniences and residential tranquilly.

Mount Royal is known for its community. Young professionals and established families live in the neighbourhood, brought together by its charm and beauty. Residents enjoy neighbourhood activities and festivals throughout the year, building community.

Mount Royal also offers many outdoor activities, making it a great location. The neighbourhood has many parks and paths for running, cycling, and picnics. For active people, neighbouring tennis courts, golf courses, and fitness centres are available.

The Mount Royal neighbourhood also excels in education. Top public and private schools are nearby for families with children, guaranteeing superior education. Renowned schools boost the neighborhood’s appeal, drawing families seeking a caring atmosphere.

Communities prioritise safety, and Mount Royal does so well. The neighbourhood is recognised for its clean streets and public areas and minimal crime. Residents may rest well knowing they live in a safe atmosphere.

Mount Royal has a vibrant arts and cultural sector in addition to residential properties. Local artists and entertainers perform in galleries, theatres, and performance spaces across the neighbourhood. Cultural activities and exhibitions allow citizens to connect with the arts and their community.


Altadore is charming at first look. Tree-lined streets frame the cosy residences. Residents take delight in their homes, creating a friendly, characterful neighbourhood. Altadore attracts young professionals, families, and seniors with its numerous housing options, from little bungalows to contemporary townhouses.

The community of Altadore sets it distinct from other neighbourhoods, beyond its scenic attractiveness. Residents organise activities, support local companies, and form deeper bonds. Altadore is active and hospitable because to its many events, from block parties to community clean-ups.

Altadore’s proximity to nature is a plus. Residents may enjoy the outdoors in their backyards along the Elbow River and at River Park and Sandy Beach Park. Altadore’s unique connection to nature—jogging along the river trails, picnicking in the park, or taking in the Rocky Mountains—is unusual in metropolitan areas.

Altadore is one of Calgary’s top neighbourhoods due to its natural beauty and many attractions. The lively Marda Loop sector has a variety of stores, restaurants, and cafés. There are many places to visit, from hip boutiques to cosy coffee cafes. Downtown Calgary, accessible by main transit lines, offers considerably more food, entertainment, and cultural opportunities.

Altadore has numerous top-rated schools in the neighbourhood and nearby. Parents may be certain that their children receive superior education in their town, making Altadore an attractive area to raise a family.

Altadore’s status as one of Calgary’s greatest neighbourhoods also stems from safety. Families and adults can feel safe in Altadore due to its low crime rate and vigilant locals. Knowing their neighbourhood is safe and inviting makes walking the dog at night or letting the kids play outdoors seem comfortable.

Altadore may be most known for its citizens’ pride and ownership. Altadore’s well-kept front yards and community-led neighbourhood improvements show what can be accomplished when people work together. This sense of connection and companionship makes Altadore a home, not merely a place to live.


Hillhurst is known for its diversified and inviting community. Young professionals, families, and seniors make up the neighbourhood, which seems welcoming. Residents are proud of their neighbourhood and engage in festivals, activities, and community-building projects. Hillhurst inhabitants are united by its many events, from street fairs to community clean-ups.

Beyond its dynamic community spirit, Hillhurst offers an unmatched quality of life that makes it appealing to all ages. Residents are happy to live in a lovely neighbourhood with tree-lined avenues, groomed parks, and well-maintained homes. Hillhurst offers several opportunities to unwind, like strolling around Riley Park, having a picnic with loved ones, or browsing Kensington Road’s beautiful shops and cafés.

Hillhurst has several amenities and services for inhabitants in addition to its beauty. The neighbourhood has everything residents need to live comfortably and conveniently, from top-rated schools and healthcare to entertainment and public transportation. Hillhurst residents may easily commute to work and explore downtown Calgary via main transit lines, adding to the neighborhood’s desirability.

Calgary’s top neighbourhoods include Hillhurst due to its real estate market. The neighbourhood has historic homes, modern condos, and luxury flats for every lifestyle and budget. Hillhurst has the right house for first-time buyers searching for a cosy cottage or a growing family looking for a roomy single-family home. High property values and consistent demand make the neighbourhood an excellent investment for homeowners and investors.

Hillhurst is noted for its vibrant culture and diversified cuisine as well as its homes and services. The neighbourhood attracts artists, entrepreneurs, and foodies from throughout the city with its art galleries, theatres, and hip restaurants and cafés. If you’re wanting foreign or local food, Hillhurst has lots of alternatives.


Varsity’s community is its draw. Varsity inhabitants feel connected, unlike some neighbourhoods. From community activities to neighbourhood efforts to cultivate neighbourliness, Varsity’s streets exude friendship. Varsity locals form lasting relationships during block parties honouring summer or neighbourhood fundraisers for good causes.

Its great amenities make Varsity one of Calgary’s top neighbourhoods. Individuals and families can always find something to do here because to the many parks, recreational facilities, and green areas. The neighbourhood has excellent schools, making it appealing to families seeking a good education. Shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues are nearby, minimising the need for long commutes or journeys to other sections of the city.

Beyond its facilities, Varsity has a diverse architecture, from cosy cottages to sophisticated condos. Its variety of housing options attracts a broad population of young professionals and seniors, catering to all tastes and budgets. Varsity is one of Calgary’s nicest neighbourhoods, with a wide range of housing options from large family homes to modern apartments.

Varsity is known for its safety and security as well as its appearance. Neighbourhood crime is minimal due to community and law enforcement vigilance. This peace of mind lets people enjoy Varsity without worrying about their safety, making it a great area to raise a family.

Varsity’s handy location makes it one of Calgary’s top neighbourhoods. Varsity’s northwest quadrant location makes it simple to commute to other sections of the city and beyond via main transit networks. Varsity’s location puts you close to business downtown and the Rocky Mountains for a weekend vacation.


Strategic position makes Brentwood appealing. This neighbourhood, near the University of Calgary, attracts students, faculty, and professionals seeking a balance between academics and home. A diversified population and a seamless combination of educational institutions and residential areas create a thriving community.

Brentwood’s real estate caters to all tastes and lifestyles. Families, young professionals, and retirees can choose from spacious single-family homes surrounded by beautiful countryside to contemporary condominiums with minimum upkeep. Neighbours from diverse backgrounds build a welcome community due to housing diversity.

Brentwood residents have access to Calgary’s top facilities. The Brentwood Village Shopping Centre is a shopping and entertainment hub. The shopping centre has everything from small boutiques to well-known brands, making it ideal for locals who want to shop without leaving home.

Brentwood is known for its education, with the University of Calgary nearby. Students and their families cherish the accessibility to educational opportunities, creating a learning-focused community. Strong education benefits locals directly and enriches the neighborhood’s culture.

Brentwood is about academics, comfort, and nature. The community has several parks and green places for inhabitants to relax and interact with nature. Walking, running, and cycling paths at Nose Hill Park, one of Calgary’s largest natural reserves, enabling locals to escape city life without leaving the neighbourhood.

Brentwood inhabitants can easily travel the city and beyond thanks to its superb transit. Access to main roads and public rail makes commuting easy. Residents may spend more time enjoying the neighborhood’s attractions and less time in traffic due to its optimal placement.

Brentwood people participate in local activities and projects, creating a strong community spirit. Community activities, farmer’s markets, and cultural events strengthen neighbour bonds. This close-knit culture improves families’ quality of life and makes the neighbourhood one of Calgary’s best.

Brentwood’s real estate market reflects its appeal and attractiveness. Home prices have steadily risen, making it an attractive investment. Brentwood’s strong community links, vibrant real estate market, and great facilities make it one of Calgary’s greatest neighbourhoods.


Sunnyside captivates inhabitants and visitors with its attractiveness. Its tree-lined streets and Bow River vistas offer a peaceful getaway from metropolitan life. Sunnyside is like a calm haven where the day’s tensions melt away in the natural splendour.

The proximity to downtown Calgary makes Sunnyside desirable. Just north of the city centre, inhabitants have easy access to many jobs, cultural attractions, and leisure alternatives. Sunnyside’s central position makes it a popular area to live, whether you’re walking along the river or commuting.

Sunnyside is a soulful community, not just a convenient place. Many heritage buildings still survive from its century-long history. From Victorian mansions to fashionable condos, the area’s architecture retains its beauty. Sunnyside’s history is on every street corner, making it feel like stepping back in time.

Sunnyside has a vibrant arts and cultural sector in addition to its history. Many galleries, theatres, and performance places showcase local artists and musicians. Sunnyside’s thriving cultural scene offers fresh and intriguing discoveries, from live music venues to independent art galleries.

No Sunnyside talk would be complete without discussing its amazing amenities. A foodie’s heaven, the neighbourhood has lovely cafés, stylish boutiques, and gourmet eateries. Sunnyside has something for everyone, from exquisite food to cosy coffee shops.

Sunnyside may be most known for its community. Despite its closeness to downtown Calgary, the neighbourhood seems close, with people attending community activities and festivals. Sunnyside’s farmers’ markets and street fairs generate a strong feeling of community.

It’s clear why Sunnyside has become one of Calgary’s nicest neighbourhoods in recent years. Its prime location, rich history, and dynamic community make it a great place to live. Sunnyside has the appropriate facilities and charm for young professionals seeking a convenient urban living or families seeking a welcoming neighbourhood setting.


Bridgeland’s appeal is its capacity to meet inhabitants’ different demands. From tree-lined avenues to modern structures, the neighbourhood is a visual delight. The streets are communal arteries that generate a sense of connection and togetherness.

Its proximity to downtown Calgary makes Bridgeland one of Calgary’s greatest neighbourhoods. The neighborhood’s location lets homeowners enjoy downtown Calgary’s multicultural amenities while escaping the noise and bustle at home. Commuting is straightforward with major transit lines, allowing inhabitants to mix work and recreation.

Bridgeland’s appeal goes beyond its location. Its long history gives the neighbourhood charm. Langevin Bridge, which crosses the Bow River, symbolises the community’s heritage. Bridgeland has grown into a modern neighbourhood without losing its heritage, as the bridge, completed in 1910, shows.

Community participation is another reason Bridgeland is one of Calgary’s greatest neighbourhoods. The Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association plays a key role in community building. Events and projects organised by the group bring neighbours together, fostering community spirit. Bridgeland focuses on community, from farmers’ markets to cultural events.

A tour around Bridgeland displays a diverse combination of amenities for every need. The neighbourhood has several stores, boutiques, and cafés serving local and foreign cuisine. Local favourite Bridgeland Market sells fresh vegetables and delicious snacks that reflect the neighborhood’s devotion to great living.

Parks and green places enhance Bridgeland’s charm. Tom Campbell’s Hill Natural Park offers stunning views of the metropolitan skyline and Rocky Mountains. The urban-nature balance lets residents relax in nature. Bridgeland’s green areas improve quality of life and demonstrate its dedication to sustainable and healthy living.

Bridgeland’s real estate reflects its popularity. Like its town, its housing options range from antique homes with architectural elegance to modern condos with modern living areas. Bridgeland is friendly and hospitable for people and families due to its diversity.

Bridgeland’s schooling is good. The neighbourhood has good elementary and secondary schools. It is suitable for families seeking a supportive atmosphere where their children may grow academically and socially.

Bridgeland has several galleries and cultural places since it appreciates culture and the arts. Local artists and creatives are promoted by the community, creating a thriving cultural environment. Gallery exhibitions, public installations, and creative community activities allow residents to participate in the arts.

West Hillhurst

West Hillhurst’s charming Bow River setting belies its proximity to downtown Calgary. The neighborhood’s tree-lined streets and well-kept parks are ideal for strolls and picnics with loved ones. The neighbouring Bow River route offers miles of walking and bike trails with spectacular views of the city skyline and surrounding natural settings. Residents regularly appreciate its splendour.

West Hillhurst is known for its community. Residents take pleasure in their neighbourhood and engage in local activities and projects, forming close bonds. Community clean-up days, outdoor festivals, and farmers’ markets bring West Hillhurst residents together. The neighborhood’s parks and open areas offer year-round enjoyment and socialisation for all ages.

West Hillhurst has several amenities and services for residents in addition to its natural beauty and community spirit. The neighbourhood has a variety of stores, restaurants, and cafés serving handcrafted items and foreign food. Kensington Village and 19th Street NW attract shoppers and diners from throughout the city with its diverse stores and restaurants.

West Hillhurst has excellent schools and daycare services, making it a great area to raise kids. Parents feel comfortable and secure in the neighbourhood, knowing their children are supported by a caring community and reliable public services. West Hillhurst provides the right blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquilly with its closeness to downtown Calgary and main transit lines.

West Hillhurst real estate is popular, providing property options for every lifestyle and budget. From historic single-family homes to modern condos and townhouses, this dynamic neighbourhood has something for everyone. Good-looking heritage homes provide character to the cityscape and show off the area’s architectural past. West Hillhurst attracts young professionals, families, and seniors due to its inexpensive home rates compared to other posh Calgary neighbourhoods.

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