Best Practices Of Downloading Videos For Offline Viewing

Streaming video all day long can be a little tricky. It can put a strain on your eyes and eat up your data, unlike anything else. Due to this reason, many people tend to download videos instead of staying online all day long. Also, by downloading the video, you can keep the media forever on your smartphone. There’s no need to worry about wasting your data as well. 

But, how do you download videos from the internet? 

Well, it depends on the platform, if we’re being honest. For example, you cannot use the same method to download videos from torrent websites like pirate bay and YouTube. 

Therefore, to help you out a little, we will share the correct downloading methods for both of these platforms. Let’s Begin! 

How To Download Videos On YouTube? 

There is an internal “download” feature available on YouTube that can help you save videos on the application. However, they will be saved on the app only. Thus, we would ask you to use a YouTube downloading tool for this purpose. Each of these programs works quite similarly, so following the below-mentioned tips will be enough for you.

  • Open YouTube and search for the video you want to download on it. Now, click on the media and let it begin playing for a little while.
  • Now, click on the “share” option and copy the link to the video from this section.
  • After that, you will have to open a YouTube video downloading tool and paste the same link on it.
  • Some of these tools also ask you to choose from different resolutions if it’s available. Hence, we’d ask you to select one and click on the “download” button. The media file will begin downloading within a few seconds.

However, before you access these websites, we will ask you to activate your VPN. This way, you can save your network from prying eyes and avert the same from getting hacked. 

How To Download Videos From Torrent Websites? 

Downloading from a torrent website is pretty easy. However, before we begin, we will ask you to get a torrent downloader on your PC or smartphone. In our opinion, uTorrent is the best option available out there. 

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you can proceed to the following steps for your purpose – 

  • Activate your VPN and open a torrent website on your browser. Now, search for a movie on the same. Always opt for the files that have a high amount of seeder. This way, it will download much quicker than others.
  • Anyways, next, you will need to enter the file and click on “magnet download” if you have installed a torrent downloader before. The downloading procedure will begin automatically.
  • You can also download the torrent file by tapping on “torrent download” and place on it on the tool manually. Nonetheless, this procedure might be a little time-consuming and less efficient.

Streaming Or Downloading – Which One Is Better? 

It’s all about preferences, in our opinion. If you have a high-speed and limitless internet connection, you can always go for streaming instead of downloading. However, the latter can offer more flexibility and convenience. 

For example, you might not get a decent internet speed while traveling somewhere. Hence, if you have downloaded the file, you can watch it any time, anywhere! 

However, downloading a file, for example – a movie, can take quite a lot of time, depending on your internet speed. Also, during the process, you might not be able to do anything else, as your net connection is already being used elsewhere. Besides, downloading will also not be a viable option, as long as you don’t have enough space on your device. 

Honestly, there will be obstacles in everything, no matter which option you are choosing. Hence, make sure to opt for something that causes the least number of issues for you. 

Concluding Thoughts

Downloading videos is, in essence, pretty straightforward. However, if you are a not-so-tech-savvy individual, you might find some issues with it. 

Hopefully, our guide will help you in this regard to some extent. Nonetheless, if you still have some queries about anything, be sure to let us know in the comment section below. We’ll answer it in any way we can.

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