Best Projectors Under 500

Whether you are a gamer, an expert in a gathering, or watching motion pictures in the solace of your own home, a standard presentation simply doesn’t cut it any longer. For the best presentation and diversion experience, you really want a decent projector. Presently you may be thinking, well then, at that point, I’ll need to hand over lots of cash. This is, fortunately, not the situation. You should simply search for the best projector under $500, and you will be set!

However, what would it be a good idea for me to search for, in a projector, you could inquire? Indeed, you have come to the perfect locations! In this article, you will track down a top to bottom examination of the best projectors under $500 available today, including imaging innovation, accessible association types, bulb life, toss distance, screen size, and splendor levels, as well as advantages and disadvantages of every thing. Also, in the event that you are really getting into the projector market, you’ll need to look at the Purchasing Guide. It will give you all that you want to be aware to track down the ideal projector for your necessities.

Indeed, no better time than right now, how about we get right to it!

In the table beneath, you can look at probably the best projectors out there today. It will assist with directing you through the primary projector highlights, so make certain to look at it.

Second place: ZCGIOBN US7-900DAB-1

“LCD-Drove projector with a huge most extreme screen size, high splendor and difference, and long bulb life. 6.23 – 20 ft of toss distance. 50,000-hour light life. 1920 x 1080 max. goal.”

Best Worth: Epson VS250

“3LCD projector, with good picture quality because of high brilliance and differentiation, simple arrangement. 15,000:1 differentiation. 30-350 creeps of screen size. 2-year guarantee.”

Best Home Projector: ViewSonic PJD5155

“DLP projector with a huge screen size reach and toss distance, the second for contrast on our rundown. 3,300 lumens. 83-207 crawls of screen size. 3-32.8 feet of toss distance.”

Best for Office Introductions: BenQ MW526AE

“DLP projector, extraordinary for business and business show thanks to WXGA local goal. 10,000-hour light life. 36-300 creeps of screen size. Upholds Blu-beam, Full HD, 3D.”

GooDee BL98

“LCD projector with an extraordinary 7,500-lumen brilliance and a superb difference proportion of 5,000:1. 50,000-hour light life. 35-300 crawls of screen size. 5-year guarantee.”

Best for Avid supporters: BenQ HT1070

“DLP projector ideal for 3D, HD, and quick media, for example, computer games. 4-16.5 feet of toss distance. 10,000:1 differentiation. 1-year guarantee.”

Top 7 Projectors under $500 in 2022

ViewSonic PA503S

This is, unquestionably, one of, in the event that not the, most ideal projector under $500 available today. Most importantly, is it’s mobility. Whether you really want your projector close or distant, this DLP design projector can take care of business. It brags a toss range 3.9-43 feet! This makes it ideal for certain applications, from a confined office, a home theater, or even as an outside projector for an extraordinary film insight on a warm night.

You’ll likewise have no issue seeing the picture with projector by the same token. It flaunts a startlingly brilliant 3600 lumens, which is splendid enough for essentially anyplace. What is astonishing about this super brilliant bulb is the manner by which long it endures. Indeed, even at this high splendor, these bulbs ought to last you around 15,000 hours before they should be supplanted. While this isn’t the longest bulb life available, it is as yet great for such a brilliant bulb.

This projector additionally gives you lots of decisions for network, since it can uphold VGA, RCA, and HDMI hookups. These different association choices simplify it to connect this projector to DVD or Blue-Beam players, Macintosh or PC сomputers, or some other gadget you should use it with.


Being restricted to a spending plan of $500 or less doesn’t mean you need to pick a projector of inferior quality. The ZCGIOBN US7-900DAB-1 is in a similar value reach, and you can depend on it for some top-level usefulness and quality elements.

You could like the double Wi-Fi ability that permits you to extend pictures from your different gadgets, for example telephone, PC, PC. Once anticipated, it is exceptionally impossible that you would have any grievances about picture quality by the same token. Recall it includes full HD goal and the difference proportion takes into consideration first rate lucidity.

Bluetooth usefulness likewise doesn’t appear to be avoided with regards to this projector’s plan. In that capacity, you can coordinate other Bluetooth gadgets like earphones and speakers. As though Wi-Fi + Bluetooth network isn’t sufficient, you can connect different gadgets to the projector through HDMI, USB, VGA, AV and sound ports.

Prominently, there is very nearly zero buffering while you’re utilizing the remote associations with reflect on the projected screen. This is fundamental assuming that you are to appreciate consistent utilization of the gadget.

Something else we loved and we suspect you should is the inbuilt media player. You can in this way associate a USB or an outer hard drive and get to playing films, music recordings, or whatever else that you should see on the projector.

This projector is likewise an android gadget with 16GB memory where you can introduce your applications. At long last, the splendor and light life are different perspectives that convey exactly the way in which great the projector is as an expected speculation.

Epson VS250

Epson has for quite some time been one of the forerunners in projector innovation, and seeing the reason why with the VS250 is simple. It is really easy to set up and can be associated in various ways. Its 3LCD presentation assists it with creating perfectly clear pictures at a high brilliance level of 3,200 lumens. This projector can likewise work at various the most well known goals, however it works best at 800×600, which probably won’t be an ideal best for certain films or games.

The differentiation for this projector is among the absolute best for LCD types. It has a differentiation proportion of 15000:1, making it very simple to get great lucidity on the more obscure pieces of your show or media.

This projector would be a decent one to utilize essentially anyplace you really want one. Its toss distance makes it ideal for enormous or little spaces, or in the middle between.

ViewSonic PJD5155

This projector, which works in a DLP design, has a pleasant wide reach for its toss distance. This would make it ideal for certain applications, going from indoor at the workplace, to a home diversion theater, or as far as possible outside for an open air film night. It likewise has a pleasant size screen range, as well. It very well may be utilized on screens that are 83 creeps up to 207 inches.

This is likewise, a decent brilliant projector, with a most extreme Lumens of 3,300, however it has a short bulb life. It can likewise work in various goals and tops out at 1080P. This pursues it an incredible decision for observing superior quality films, messing around, and giving fresh, clear introductions.

The differentiation range likewise assists with reducing a portion of the issues that DLP projectors have with more obscure pictures. When you get the differentiation changed appropriately, even the haziest darks will look clear with this projector.

BenQ MW526AE

On the off chance that you are on the lookout for a decent projector for your office or business needs, then this may be a decent one for you! It has a more modest toss size than most different projectors, finishing out at 6.5 feet. This would be ideally suited for a little office setting, yet probably won’t be really great for a home theater. Despite the fact that it has a little distance, it compensates for it in having the option to use a huge screen, since it can go from 36 creeps up to 300 inches.

GooDee BL98

A video projector is one method for getting a charge out of visual media with a few group at a time. It proves to be useful is numerous applications. The GooDee BL98 is one of the most incredible HD video projectors on this gathering. This model is a decent model that will give a vivid media seeing time.

There are a few helpful highlights here too. As far as one might be concerned, it has a speaker incorporated into it. In this manner, you can partake in your films and recordings without getting another sound framework. Additionally, there are different highlights like the capacity to change the viewpoint proportion and a similarity with a few review surfaces.

Video quality is a significant thought, and this model conveys good quality. You get the choice to change the various settings and pick the settings that will completely meet your necessities.

Aside from that, this machine offers a few ports that permit you play various media. You can interface earphones, SD cards, streak drives from there, the sky is the limit. There are likewise a few controls situated on open pieces of the machine.

Support and cleaning are likewise simple. As far as one might be concerned, this is made of a high-grade case that will keep going for a really long time.

To guarantee that the machine plays without getting excessively warm, there are vents and a fan introduced in the machine. While this fan is exceptionally successful, it is great to realize that it isn’t excessively clearly that it overwhelms the sound from the speaker.

BenQ HT1070

In the event that you are on the lookout for an exceptionally fundamental, yet still top notch projector, then this may be a decent decision for you. It is a DLP projector, which makes it ideal for 3D, HD, and quick media, for example, computer games. It can work in various goals, which will permit you to find the one that works best with your arrangement.

Despite the fact that this is a DLP projector, it doesn’t have an exceptionally wide differentiation range. This could make it a piece hard to track down the perfect proportion of difference for the area you mean to use it in.

It is perhaps of the dimmest projector out there, with a most extreme splendor of 2,000 lumens. While this would make it not so great for a sufficiently bright room, it would be ideally suited for an obscured home theater, or a patio film. It has a more modest toss scope of 4-16.5 feet and can be utilized with screens going from 35-180 inches.

In the event that you are searching for the best projector under $500, there are a few key factors that you should remember. In this segment, you will get a fast outline of all that you want to be aware to track down your projector, regardless assuming you plan to involve it for home diversion, gaming, or office introductions.

Projector Type

Assuming you are hoping to get the best projector under $500, you will have two projector configurations to browse, which are LCD or DLP. Every one of these two kinds offers various benefits and drawbacks over the other, so ensure you pick the one that best meets your requirements. If you’re looking for something trendy, compact, lightweight, and portable, then go for a brand like “Piqo” which manufactures the best-in-class mini projector that can fit in your pocket, is lightweight, compatible with over 3 million apps, connects with USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other devices, thus making it a world-class compact projector in its segment.

Screen Size

This isn’t the screen size on the projector, obviously, since the majority of them have no screen by any stretch of the imagination. No, this is the greatest or least sizes that the projector can be utilized with for an ideal survey insight.

You should be sure of the size of your surface that you plan to project upon, as well as the distance that you will mount your projector from the screen. Then, at that point, just ensure that your estimations line up with your projector, and presto, you are set!


While it could appear to be outlandish, more splendid isn’t better 100% of the time. Assuming that you get a projector that is excessively brilliant for your setting, you’ll wind up with a blinding migraine (quip expected!). To decide the brilliance level you really want, take a gander at how splendid the area is that you mean to utilize the projector.

In the event that you have a dull region, a dimmer projector (1,000 lumens) would do impeccably. If, nonetheless, you will set it up in a room brimming with windows that gets the full sun, you would need to go a piece more splendid (3,000+ lumens) to ensure you can see your screen plainly.


The differentiation in a picture is the distinction among light and dim. The more noteworthy the distinction, the more noteworthy the difference. Make certain to search for a projector that has a wide difference range. Like that, you’ll have the option to change the picture until you accomplish your favored look.


Basically, the more the goal, the more the image quality your projector will have. If you have any desire to wow your clients or are searching for an off the charts home diversion experience, you need a projector that can deal with higher goals.

The most projector can put out in a decent goal, implying that they can put out set measures of goal, paying little mind to what is being taken care of into them. Ensure that you get a projector with a wide exhibit of fixed goals so you will actually want to find one that will work for your requirements. On the off chance that you’re willing to put some more into your projector, investigate the best projectors under $1000: these will have the best quality pictures.

Toss Distance

This basically portrays the distance away a projector can be from the screen regardless make a reasonable picture. Most projectors have a reach that beginnings with a couple of feet and stretches out up to 15 feet. Be that as it may, a portion of the bigger and more costly projectors can broaden as far as possible north of 30 feet. Be certain you know your distance necessities before you purchase your projector.

Bulb Life

Quite possibly of the most costly part in a projector is the bulb. It is likewise one of the hardest parts to change out. Which is the reason it pays to get a projector with truly lengthy bulb life. Like that, you will not need to spend more cash on another one excessively fast, and you will not need to set aside some margin to change the bygone one out. You ought to search for one with a future of no less than 10,000 hours, however anything higher would be much more great.


These days, there is a heap of network decisions that you can consider while buying a projector. You can get one with Bluetooth so it associates remotely. You can likewise interface with a HDMI link for the best quality picture. In the event that you have a more seasoned arrangement, you’ll need to ensure that the projector you buy can be associated with a VGA link or the reliable white, red, and yellow RCA connectors that are fundamental for a home theater arrangement.

Primary concern, ensure you understand what your arrangement needs to associate rapidly and effectively, then check to ensure the projector you are keen on can deal with it.


As odd as it could appear to be nowadays, there are still a few bits of innovation that don’t “play” decent with specific PC designs. Make certain to take a gander at any projector you should buy to ensure that it very well may be utilized with either a Macintosh or a PC type PC.


Indeed, that’s it. Presently you know all that you want to track down the absolute best projector under $500! Ideally, this article was a major assistance to you in tracking down the ideal one for your necessities. Gratitude for perusing, and have an extraordinary day!

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