Best ways to repair excel files

Are you tired of opening excel files only to realize they are corrupted? If so, you should try these simple steps to repair corrupted excel files.

There are many reasons why excel files get damaged or corrupt. Some of them include accidental deletion, virus attack, and power outage. Whatever the reason, you cannot undo the damage.

There are several methods on how to repair corrupted excel files. The simplest way is to open the file from the original location. Another option is to copy the entire contents into a new document – yet another method is to create a backup of the file before repairing it. Repairit lists the best and easiest ways to repair corrupted excel files available in the market today.

Read through to find the best ways to repair excel files.

Causes of excel file corruption

Here are the causes of excel file corruption.

Accidental data loss

To avoid this type of error, use caution when saving your workbook. You can also protect your file using password protection.

Virus attacks

If your computer gets infected with a virus, the chances are that your Excel file will become corrupted too. You can prevent this by creating automatic antivirus software. An anti-malware program scans all documents for viruses before opening them.

Power outage

A sudden shutdown might cause some problems within your Excel file as well. For example, if you close the program without saving changes, there’s a chance that they won’t be saved.

Memory leaks

Excel memory leaks occur when an application uses more resources than allocated. It will eventually slow down performance and could lead to crashes. Your system will need to free up unused space to accommodate new programs when this happens.

To repair corrupted excel files, you must first determine whether the problem lies in memory or not. To do this, perform a test. Close all applications except the one that causes the problem and see if this fixes the issue. If it persists, then the problem may lie within memory.

Common ways to repair excel files

The following sections describe common ways to repair excel file corruption.

Restore your corrupted excel file from backup

It is probably the most straightforward way of overcoming corrupted excel files. Restore the entire file into a brand new document. It will ensure that everything is back in working condition. However, keep in mind that it might take hours to restore the entire excel file. So, ensure you have sufficient time to wait.

Copy information from the original excel file

It is also referred to as “copy and paste.” All formatting will remain intact. It is convenient since you need to copy and paste relevant information instead of lengthy and complicated tasks. However, this technique does not necessarily guarantee that every cell becomes functional again, so you should try it after fixing errors manually.

Open the corrupt excel file in any text editor

If you opened the original excel file in an office word processor, its structure might be changed. Therefore, opening the same file in a different program may help. For example, you can open the file in Notepad and cut and paste cells until the entire book looks clean. However, note that the procedure will be tedious and requires a lot of manual labor.

How to repair excel files with Repairit

The Wondershare Repairit software is an intelligent application that repairs corrupted excel files. It involves at least three steps to get your file in good shape. Here are the steps for repairing excel files with Repairit.

  1. After installation, launch your app and head over to the ‘add’ button under the “File Repair” section – a browser window will pop. Upload your corrupt file on Repairit.
  1. The repairing process starts at this moment. The software scans the document and fixes any issues that arise. The app’s UI allows you to monitor the repairing progress. You can also terminate the unwanted repairing process.

The software also has a feature that portrays the status of the repairing process for each file. You will be notified via pop-up message when the repairing process begins. If you have a highly corrupted file, you can rely on a link on the platform that will lead you to an expert and get help accordingly.

  1. The third step is where you get your corruption-free files. Once you complete the repairing process, you can preview the outcomes and save changes. Repairit allows previewing different document types, including PDF, Powerpoint, and Excel. The save button on the interface will assist in exporting your file.
software repair

Final thoughts

Excel file repair is a critical exercise that needs intelligent applications to make work easier. Although repairing corrupted files sounds straightforward, it isn’t always possible.

Sometimes, only formatting data or specific cell numbers need to be restored, but other functions don’t seem to function properly anymore.

It would be best to rely on Repairit and get your work done quickly. There is a list of steps that you’ll follow for the successful recovery of damaged excel records.

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