Best Ways to Take Your Eye Makeup Look From Drab to Fab

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An enticing makeup look that emphasises your best features is enough to make you the centre of attraction. Bold eyes can give you a boost of confidence and make you look like a glam girl. So, it’s time to brush up on your eye-makeup talents and go beyond the trusted kajal to make your eye makeup look from drab to fab. 

Cat eyes, shimmery lids, fluttery lashes, contrasting lid and lash lines, and colourful lashes and embellishments- there are many ways to transform and revamp your eye makeup to look enchantingly beautiful. Be ready to experiment and adopt some effortless yet stunning trends.

Here are a few dramatic eye-makeup styles that have the potential to steal the show!

Jewelled Accent

This latest trend is the best way to make your eyes dazzle. You can go creative with all kinds of embellishments- crystals, mini pearls, or rhinestones. You can also decorate your eyes with jewels and face gems. Use them naturally in creative patterns with herbal eyelash glue. Add a bit of sparkle and shine to your eye makeup look. Use your tweezers to pick up the gem of your choice. Keep a picture of the look you want to recreate before applying the rhinestones or jewels to your makeup. Take your glitter look to a new level and paint your lids with a shimmering eye shadow.

Black and White Eye Makeup

All you need to get a striped eyeliner look is a black and white eyeliner. Finish your base makeup with an eye pencil that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Create a stunning cat eye with a matte finish waterproof black eyeliner to make it a little dramatic. Use white liquid eyeliner to draw slanting lines over the black eyeliner. Once you are done, allow it to dry and use a finishing spray to keep the striped eyeliner look in place. 

With no mascara or eye shadow needed, this stunning look is a statement in itself!

Use the Proedit Silk Touch Perfection Eyeliner by Lotus Makeup for your eye makeup endeavours. It is a waterproof & smudge-proof product. This bold pen-style eyeliner gives a lustrous jet black finish to your eye makeup look. Get sharp and clean strokes with its precision tip applicator so that you can easily use it on top of eye shadows and makeup.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Another trend you can experiment with is creating a metallic look. It could be a halo eye or a simple wash of metallic colour on your lids. Metallic colours can amp up any look, whether they are in your eye shadow or makeup. Get the desired metallic look by using shiny, highly pigmented, and long-lasting metallic eye shadows.

Everyone uses eyeshadow palettes- from professional makeup artists to beginners. You can try unconventional shades to create shimmery eye looks or bold smokey eyes.

Neon Hues 

Use vivid colour dashes on your eyes to instantly brighten your look. You can create a graphic eyeshadow in neon hues. Top off your look with a waterproof, volume building mascara that gives you luscious fluttering lashes.

Here is something to try on for all those cravings to get the trendy reverse cat-eye look. You can add a dash of smokey, winged eyeliner along the bottom of your lash line. Smudge your eyeliner pencil along your bottom lashes and use a matte black eyeshadow to smoke it out.

Using a gel eye definer on top and bottom lash lines, you can create a smokey-smudged look. Accentuate your eyes by popping some vibrant eye colour with black eyeliner.

Use an eye brush or fingers to smudge this further for a more appealing effect. Before applying mascara, ‌use a Safe Sun DeTAN After-Sun Face Pack. It will help remove pigmentation, even out your skin tone, and help make your eye makeup look more prominent. 

Use waterproof and smudge-proof Colorkick Insta Shine Liquid Eyeliner by Lotus Makeup to deliver an intense black look. The eyeliner can stay up to 8 hours and does not crack or peel. It dries within seconds to give you a bold black glossy, unfading finish.

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind that the key to keeping up with makeup trends is to have fun. Keep implementing new styles and adding a touch of creativity. These coveted stylish eye makeup looks may sometimes seem complicated, but they aren’t impossible. There are plenty of easy-to-rock current eye makeup products that you can try.

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