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Blue World City Payment Plan 2022

The Blue world city is a housing society located in Islamabad that offers a straightforward and convenient payment plan. Before we get into the details about the payment plan, here are some facts about Blue World City that you should know.

Location of Blue Word City

The blue world city has 4 unique accesses making it stand out from other housing societies in that area. It is closest to the new Rawalpindi Ring Road and is in close proximity to the new Islamabad International airport. Moreover, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is also a short distance from it, making it easier for people to work there. Owing to its prime location, it has been famous among investors and has the potential to increase in value. 

Owners and developers 

The Blue World City is a project owned by Saad Nazir, who is also the owner of Blue Group of Companies. The company was formed in 1989 and had been doing work in both the construction and architecture sector. Due to its exemplary performance and professional attitude, the company has made its mark in the real estate world. This company currently employs 300 workers and has expertise in several fields. The blue group of enterprises places a premium on quality, ensuring that they have established a deal with Shah Jian Engineering Company, a Chinese engineering firm. This company has been hired for the development of blue world city.

An approved housing society 

Many real estate projects open up their bookings but later fail to get approved. Hence it is essential to verify if the project is legal or not; otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble and might even end up losing all your money. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has granted the Blue World City permission. They have been approved legally, and hence investing in this society holds no threat.

Previous projects 

You can check the quality of their work by visiting any of their previous projects. Their previous projects include the PIA co-operative housing society and Blue Sapphire. These projects are the living proof of the fact that the Blue Group of companies does not make any compromises when it comes to the quality.

Facilities provided

Blue world city provides its residents with numerous facilities ensuring a high-quality lifestyle. It has a number of recreational areas for tourists and has replicas of the Burj Al Arab and other global icons. Furthermore, the Blue world city includes an Overseas Block, which acts as the perfect opportunity for Pakistanis living abroad to get their own home in Pakistan at a reasonable price. Its facilities are made in accordance with the expectations of people living abroad and are getting attention from many foreign investors.

Payment plan 

The plots in Blue World City are extraordinarily affordable and have an easy payment plan. The housing scheme allows buyers to purchase a plot on installment programs. The price can be paid in 40 monthly installments and initially require a small down payment amount. The down payment amount differs depending on the size of the plot you are purchasing and the block in which it is located. The down payment amount of a 5 Marla plot in the overseas block is higher than that of a 5 Marla plot in the general block. 


This housing society has different sizes of plots to give people the option of buying one that best suits their needs. With its multiple benefits and prime location, it has become extremely popular among the public. Investing in this city has turned out to be a good act for many people. A blue world city is also referred to as a Pakistan china friendship project as it is located near the china Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). It is an ideal living option for people working there, especially for the Chinese workers who have shifted to Pakistan for this project. Also, you should read about Park View City

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