BMW N54- Best BMW Engine for Tuners?

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The BMW N54 engine breathed began at the Geneva Auto Show in 2006 and instead descried in the E92 335i afterward that time. It has nowadays breathed cut out by the N55 plump -six-unit, which you’ll pass from the M2, M3, and the M4 ( donated -the terminating two learn the caught S55 variant).

notwithstanding, by no move can the N54 breathe vociferated an outdated machine. There is a myriad of BMWs flowing the plant on the roadway ( entailing our own 1M) and it’s one of the most desired engines for tuning nuts. As Carbuzz writes “ Like the Nissan’s RB26DETT, the N54 can come fabled, particularly among tuners. ”


The N54 is a3.0 -liter linear six units with two fragile-stress turbochargers and a contracting proportion of10.21. There’s an aluminum crankcase with iron cylinder columns and a brand camshaft. The crankshaft and chaining billy clubs are forged but the pistons command breathed release. It features Bi-VANOS tech, firsthand injection, and a song-to-song intercooler.

Three signs of progress of the N54 command breathed retailed, with arm handiworks pegging from 300 HP to 340 HP. The 300 HP engine weighs 187 kg.


As foregoing, the N54 instead approached in the E9X. It breathed afterward accessible in the E60 5 Series, F01 7 Series, the X6, and the Z4, but its most happening exercise approached with the 1M Coupe.


censurers, entailing correspondents from Auto and Automobilist and EVO magnified the N54 for its svelte arm quietus and BMW’s pains to hold down the turbo – pause. Some indeed accommodated it over the either heavy-duty, N62 and N63, units.

For case, Jared Gall of Auto and Automobilist penned that the annexed burden of the N62 formed the forward ending of the E60 devilishly massive, devitalizing the driving know-how when analogized to the N54 and despite the annexed grunting, the V8 breathed just “ barely apace” than the N54 – readied 535i anyhow.

Meanwhile, Edmunds vociferated the N54 7 Series the most amusing F01 to herd, afore of the 750i and the V12 -powered 760Li.

Tuning Implicit

Some multitudinous holders’ command supersized the arm number-crunching by 15 to 30 percent with naked stand 1 revisions. From what we pass, the drivetrain and internals with the N54 turn up to command no developments with playing up to 400 WHP to 500 WHP. In actuality, after answering some panel discussions, we plant many exemplars of the N54 with over 700 WHP (!) -for exemplification, this jack on YouTube, which has his auto twiddling 753 WHP.


The N54 isn’t without its proportion of cases. Altitudinous – stress-energy -pump (HPFP) croppers were, again and again, recounted, making BMW guarantee an anamnesis on some miniatures in 2010. again, multitudinous holders command complained about turbo croppers owing to wastegate cases and BMW USA offered the bond for this child to eight times. Eventually, as commonplace in firsthand – harbor machines, alter ego constitution -up in the input cocks has breathed expressed regularly.

The N54 is a hardened machine but once you jump tuning the auto, it’ll position fresh stress on the machine, lattice, and different mechanic elements and you should breathe game to front sureness developments.


The N54 breathed thrice on the list of Ward’s 10 Stylish Machines of the Time list. In annex, it prevailed eight eulogies at UK’s International Engine of the Time premium from 2007 to 2011, entailing the stylish broad-brush machine.

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