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Broadcasters are facing a crisis. TV viewership declining and digital advertising expenditures overtaking Broadcast Advertisement.


Terrestrial broadcasters are facing a crisis. With TV viewership declining and digital advertising expenditures overtaking broadcast advertising expenditures last year, terrestrial broadcasting is not free from interim advertising regulations. To overcome the crisis, the change will be needed. Can terrestrial broadcasters innovate to fit the trend of the times?

The search for survival strategies of terrestrial broadcasters in 2021 is more intense than ever. The same TV set is used, but in terrestrial broadcasting, the game is played on a sloped playground because it is not free from interim advertisement regulations. The introduction of interim advertisements is likely to pass the year again.

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PCM, which divides programs and inserts advertisements between them, has been introduced and operated. Still, unlike interim advertisements placed by surprise anywhere in the climax part, it is inserted between the first and third copies. A bigger problem facing terrestrial TV is that media users’ viewing patterns are diversifying and loyalty to existing real-time broadcasting is lowering.

This is directly leading to a decline in viewer ratings. Advertisers’ preference for digital media may not cool down. Since digital advertising expenditures surpassed broadcasting advertising expenditures in 2019, the growth of digital advertising expenditures still appears steeply.

Going beyond Terrestrial tv to a digital integrated Media Solution

Overseas sales houses predict that advertisements through online assets rather than existing TV advertisements or program sales revenue will be the revenue source that will show the greatest growth in the next three years. The problem that domestic terrestrial TV broadcasters feel is also not large in temperature difference with overseas circumstances. It is evolving in response to rapidly changing technology and changes in the viewing environment by providing marketing solutions that integrate broadcast-digital.

To keep pace with diversified viewing patterns and capture advertisers’ eyes and ears who are implementing marketing strategies that encompass digital, terrestrial TVs offer various sales plans. IMC was limited to integrated indirect/virtual advertisements in a negotiated sense in the existing TV advertisement market.

Still, now it is provided as integrated marketing in an expanded sense encompassing digital. As viewers’ use of multimedia and media multitasking become common, integrated sales plans reflecting viewers’ changed viewing patterns can be said to be an inevitable product.

Integrated sales basically consist of a sales package centered on program content that encompasses devices based on viewers (targets). SBS, which is the most preemptive response among terrestrial TVs, provides broadcast advertisements by the campaign and various integrated digital solutions.

There is an ‘SBS YouTube/SBS SMR’ product that enables channel and content-targeted advertisements, and ‘Digital News Lab’ represented by ‘Moby Dick,’ a digital entertainment content studio, Saves News, and Video Mug and ‘a 24-hour news live channel on YouTube’ There is a mobile 24′. It sells ‘MCN’ products that can utilize PPL and branded contents, and ‘SBS Performance Video’ where SBS- Timon Commerce is held.

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Recently, through YouTube partner sales, a new attempt is being made for integrated marketing. It is special because it is a content owner and has sales rights by adding YouTube partner sales. Through this, advertisers running general video advertisements on TV programs can implement marketing communication using all contents from indirect/virtual advertisement/sponsorship, SMR clip upload, branded content production, and advertisement in front of the contents.

It is aimed at ‘included.’ SBS is currently the fastest among the three terrestrial TV companies. Still, KBS and MBC are also expected to join YouTube partner sales within this year to provide full-scale integrated marketing services.

Broadcast Advertisement

Also, digital collaboration products centered on KBS contents are being presented through SMR KBS contents products and branded contents products, which have been expanded to the digital sector. As the characteristics of digital advertisements in which advertisements are executed based on the interests of the target centered on TV contents are complemented, it is expected to become a product with high satisfaction that can guarantee brand safety, which is a digital weakness.

Of course, such a package is presented as a product for advertisers’ convenience, and it follows the existing partition system regulations in terms of actual sales and profit structure and distribution. As the needs of advertisers of integrated purchase, the reflection of changing viewing patterns, and the increase in broadcasters’ sales, a vertically integrated product centered on content is being presented. It is the time when the institutional innovation appropriate to the changed market seems necessary.

Apart from this movement, major TV broadcasters and media labs are planning a ‘Big TV Day’ conference in May 2020 with content that can be the basis for ‘reevaluating TV value’ and establishing a media mix strategy. Although discussions have already begun actively abroad, interest in digital advertisements, which has not started in earnest in the United States, is growing.

Topics such as brand safety issues caused by exposure of advertisements to fake news or problematic content, AD Fraud, Digital Viewability, and Comparable Metrics between TV and Digital I will cover. As advertisers’ concerns about media execution are deepening according to the fragmented and subdivided media usage behaviour, solutions for coexistence between advertisers and media companies are expected to be sought more actively. Hope you love reading “Broadcast Advertisement”

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