Can CBD Help Me Grow a Better Beard?

Over the past few years, cannabis culture has evolved from an illicit hobby or funny punchline to a legitimate business. The reason for this is cannabis has become legalized in the US, and it has been researched to have many serious wellness benefits. Specifically, CBD, which is one of the 400 compounds of the cannabis sativa (hemp) plant, but it’s one of a kind when it comes to benefitting health.

This non-psychoactive compound can treat multiple health and physical ailments, including skincare and beauty needs. However, do you know that CBD can give you a better-looking beard? Well, it can.

If you are interested in using the CBD oil for beard, you might be curious to know what it can do for your beard. In this article, we will learn whether CBD can help you grow a better beard.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant has two main active compounds – CBD and THC- researched to provide many purported health benefits. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive ingredient that can potentially alter your body but not your mind. It means CBD is more like an essential oil than a drug. On the other hand, THC is a psychoactive chemical that impacts your mind and makes you high.

Depending on what CBD products you use and where cannabis grows, the CBD you consume might be extracted from marijuana, the plant having high amounts of THC, or from its cousin, hemp, the plant having meager quantities of THC. Moreover, marijuana is legal only in some states in the US. On the other hand, industrial hemp has been legalized at the federal level since 2018.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

Although the research about the potential health benefits of CBD is ongoing and more evidence is required, many users reported that the CBD vitamin helps treat several ailments. These ailments include anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, nausea, skin conditions, and many other health disorders.

But Should You Use CBD for Grooming?

The short answer to this question is Yes. It will be best to groom with CBD because it has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E, which are suitable for your skin and hair. The compound is researched to be potentially helpful for people suffering from different skin-related conditions like dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.

You might be wondering whether to use CBD to grow your beard or not. These days, you can find CBD beard oil to nourish and hydrate your facial hair, protect it from split ends, breakage, and fallout, promote healthy beard growth, soothe common beard problems, like dandruff and itching, and enhance your beard’s natural shape.

Interesting Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Beard

The following are some interesting benefits of using CBD oil for your beard:

Minimize ingrown hairs

Many individuals find ingrown hair the most frustrating part of having facial hair. Even if you grow your beard freely without shaving any areas on your cheeks or under your chin for shaping purposes, it can still result in painful, inflamed, red, and ugly ingrown hairs.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can target those big, ingrown hairs and relieve you from swelling and pain. Moreover, the compound can stimulate hair follicles and moisturize your skin to prevent ingrown hair problems in the future.

For some people, imbalanced hormones can affect ingrown hairs. It’s researched that CBD regulates your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for some hormonal production and responses. Regularly applying CBD oil for beard can absorb into your skin and bind with nearby cannabinoid receptors to reduce hormone-based ingrown hairs.

Prevent and treat acne

One of the best benefits of growing a beard is that it can help cover up the acne on your face’s lower half. But that doesn’t mean it can be treated on its own. The acne can be painful, and sometimes it can be visible even if you have a full beard over the top.

CBD oil in beard grooming products can help treat and prevent acne. According to some preliminary studies, CBD can reduce sebum production in the pores. Sebum can clog pores, causing white and blackheads and other acne spots.

Moreover, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help treat inflammatory acne and reduce swelling.

Softens your wiry beard hairs

Often, your significant other complains about your beard’s scratchiness when you plant a kiss on her cheeks. She might love your beard look, but the wiry beard hairs might not feel pleasant on her face’s sensitive skin.

You can use CBD beard oil to soften the wiry beard hairs. Hair strands and follicles are healthiest when regularly oiled, as CBD oil promotes their growth and vitality while replacing the natural oils around the beard that you might lose after cleansing your face.

Stimulates hair follicle growth and limits loss

It’s not easy for men to grow a full, long, healthy beard as it seems. Many men can’t grow a full beard because of genetics and hormonal imbalance.

CBD beard oil might be the solution if you are looking for a faster way to grow a fuller beard. CBD has been researched to stimulate hair follicle growth and, thus, is found in many hair care products. The compound is connected with cell growth and regeneration, helping you produce faster-growing, thicker beards.

CBD contains many fantastic vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, C, D, and E, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and 21 amino acids. This CBD vitamin and nutrient can help stimulate hair follicle growth and promote healthy beard hair.

Since CND can work to regenerate cells, it can potentially prevent and replace hair loss. If you suffer from alopecia barbae, a hair loss condition affecting the beard, you might find relief using CBD-based grooming products.

Bottom Line

If you are a big fan of beards, you should consider incorporating CBD beard oil into your beard grooming regimen. It’s a natural elixir that can do wonders for facial hair follicles. CBD beard oil is loaded with essential antioxidants, nutrients, and fatty acids to help stimulate hair growth, giving you a fuller, thicker beard.

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